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Order random 5 motors from below 10 types motors, can get a free Esk8 remote (US$65.9/pcs value) All are maytech popular motors:  1. MTO6355-200-HA 200KV Unsealed Sensored 8mm Shaft 2. MTO6355-170-HA-C 170KV Sealed Sensored 8mm Shaft 3. MTO6365-200-HA 200KV Unsealed Sensored 8mm Shaft 4. MTO6365-170-HA-C 170KV Sealed Sensored 8mm Shaft 5. MTO6365-170-HA-C2 170KV Sealed Sensored 10mm Shaft 6. MTO6374-190-HA 190KV Unsealed Sensored 8mm Shaft 7. MTO6374-170-HA-C 170KV Sealed Sensored 8mm Shaft 8. MTO6374-170-HA-C2 170KV Sealed Sensored 10mm Shaft 9. MTO6396-170-HA-C3 170KV Sealed Sensored 10mm Shaft with Big Ball Bearing 10. MTO6880-190-HA-C3 190KV Sealed Sensored 10mm Shaft with Big Ball      Bearing Where to order? Check Below...

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