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Firstly, you need to prepare below tools to help:  1. Silicone cable that you need to use.  2. Heat shrink tube that is suitable for your cable.  3. Torx screwdriver. 4. Wire cutters to cut the rubber on silicone wires.  5. Terminal hydraulic pliers to crimp terminal connector.   Steps: 1. Use torx screwdriver to unscrew the screws and terminal connector on switch.  2. Use wire cutters to cut about 5mm length rubber on silicone wires.  3. Connect the conductive end on the silicone cable to connetion port on terminal connector.  4. Use terminal hydraulic pliers to crimp terminal connector on silicone cable...

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  1. Maytech New 72V VESC Controller MTSVESC7.5R Round VESC based on VESC6.0 Hardware for Electric Skateboard Longboard Model No. MTSVESC7.5R Cont. Current 50A Burst Current 100A Input Voltage 72V Hardware Based on VESC6.0 Firmware  Updatable  Software VESC_TOOL Compatible FOC  Yes, can work  Size  Round Shape 88mm diameter * 22mm height Compatible Motor Sensored / Sensorless Motor   2. Maytech NEW 10S 42V VESC6.0 based Controller MTSVESC6.0M 30A VESC for Electric Skateboard E-scooter Model No. MTSVESC6.0M Cont. Current 30A Burst Current 50A Input Voltage 42V(10S) Hardware Based on VESC6.0 Firmware  Updatable  Software VESC_TOOL Compatible FOC  Yes, can work  Size  65mm*20mm   Compatible...

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1. Remote Apperance: 2. Receiver wiring instruction with VESC or VESC based Controllers:  There's 2 ways to connect receiver and VESC: 1. Connect VESC signal cable to receiver PWM; 5V; GND (as above receiver pin definition) 2. You can also use UART:  Cross connection of Receiver TXD/RXD and VESC RX/TX: Receiver’s TXD>> VESC RX;Receiver RXD>> VESC TX, 5V and GND also need to be connected, better use stranded wire, wire length should be shorter than 20cm. VESC supports UARR and PWM(PPM) throttle control. When use with Maytech waterproof remote, you can select PPM and UART, and select corresponding control in remote...

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