Maytech Brushless 3530 1100/1400/1700KV Sunshine Series Sensorless Outrunner Motor for RC Hobby Airplane

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Maytech Brushless 3530 1100/1400/1700KV Sunshine Series Sensorless Outrunner Motor for RC Hobby Airplane MTO3530-S

Model No.  MTO3530-S KV (RPM/V) 1100/1400/1700
Shaft 5mm Stator Size 28x8mm
Motor Size 35x30mm Max Current 21.6/30.8/33.1
Input Volt 2-4S Lipo Cell Net Weight (g) 74/74/73
Thrust (g) 1100/1180/1240 Watt (W) 313/446/480


Maytech brushless motor, all parts are made of a high-precision CNC machining center, and all surfaces are made with oxidation treatment. High temperature and high purity oxygen-free copper wires were used. The motors use high-grade magnets and 0.2 mm lamination to improve efficiency.  

The motor comes with a complete set of propeller mount accessories, as well as the perfect packaging to protect the motor and its accessories.

Product description

  1. 1.   Mount your motor with the included screws tightly on your front cover of model.
  2.   Our motors provide high efficiency stator design.
  3.   Small size, lightweight and long life.


  1.   Please make sure your motor has enough cooling while running.
  2.   Our motors providing best performance with the recommended propeller size. If you consider changing the propeller size, pls be aware that motor beoverheat and damaged.
  3.   Keep motors away from moisture, dust, scrap and small items to avoid damages.

We welcome OEM orders, KV value, motor color, logo all can be customized. Pls contact us  for more details.

Description/Tag: mini aeroplane engine, high speed mini motor brushless

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