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MTS1810AS Anti-spark Switch with On and Off for Electric Skateboard/Mountainboard/Ebike/E-scooter


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Maytech Anti-spark on-off power switch board MTS1810AS for VESC

Anti spark on-off switch for electric skateboard, longboard, bike, scooter e.t.c. Same function as Vedder Anti-Spark.

This switch is a small, efficient, safe and reliable way to power on/off your DIY Electric Skateboard. When doing this, it also protects delicate components (such as the VESC or other ESC's) from unwanted power surges. This anti Spark Switch is recommended to anyone looking to build the ultimate DIY Electric Longboard. 

Electric Skateboard Power Switch ON OFF DIY Switch Anti-Spark High Voltage High Amp 100A 6v-50v Electric Longboard.

Model No.



48mm(L)*22.5mm(W) *5.0(H)





Power side Cable

10# 160mm  Red and black

Switch Cable

30tin 160mmwith 4pin JR male plug

Maytech anti-spark on and off switch for super esc electric speed controller

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