Remote Instruction 1: How to Pair my MTSKR2005WF / MTSKR1905WF Remote with Receiver?

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Remote Instruction 1: How to Pair my MTSKR2005WF / MTSKR1905WF Remote with Receiver?

When you received the MTSKR1905WF / MTSKR2005WF remote, firstly you need to connect receiver to your VESC / ESC, and pair the remote with receiver. 

1. If you use VESC with built-in BEC, then just need to connect the throttle wire on ESC to receiver PWM port, receiver port definition as below, same as both MTSKR2005WF and MTSKR1905WF: 

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2. If you use OPTO without built-in 5V BEC, then you also need to add a 5V UBEC to power the receiver, wiring diagram as below: 


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3. After connected correctly, then do pair steps as below: 

Firstly, must turn off the receiver power first, otherwise will not be able to connect successfully. 

Select【>4.Pair】and long press function button for 1 second to enter pair status. When screen shows

【Paring…】, turn on receiver and it will auto-pair with remote control in 0.5 second. Red led lights steady.

Pairing competed. Remote screen will automatically return to main menu.

If auto-pairing time is over 1 second and screen still shows【Pairing…】, pairing fails and it needs to turn off and turn on receiver again to pair them. If you don’t want to continue the pairing process, long press function button to exit to main menu.