Brushless 9060 Sensorless Motor Built-in Armour Weapon DIY Engine

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Maytech 9060 Brushless Outrunner Sensorless Motor for Fighting Robots Built-in Armour and Weapon DIY Assembled 


Model No. MTO9060-180-G KV 180, can be customized 
Idle Current 2.2A Max Current 350A
Input Volt 6-14S Max Output Watt 13.5KW
Internal Resistance 0.045Ω Shaft No Shaft, can be customized if you need
Max Torque  19N.m Hall Sensor  Without 
Rated Current  175A Output Shaft Length Can be customized 
Max Working Temp 120℃ Insulation Voltage & Leak Current  AC500V/10MA/3S
Customize Options Shaft, KV, motor cable, Output shaft length, etc., Max Spin Speed (RPM) 9000
Efficiency ≥90% Application fighting robots, combat robots, weapon, armour weapons, gaint robotics, etc.,


Attention Please:

1.This motor is not in stock currently, production is about 2-3 months after order confirmed. 
2. And MOQ needs at least 10pcs to make, for 10pcs has better price, please contact for more details. 

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