Maytech 2.4GHz PWM Waterproof Remote Controller MTSKR1805WF for Esk8/Esurf

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Maytech waterproof remote electric skateboard longboard electric hydrofoil surfboard efoil remote controller

Tested in seawater.

Two control modes:

  1. ESK8 mode with brake for electric skateboard;
  2. ESURF mode without brake for electric surfboard.

Remote control Specifications

Model no





wireless charging

Display screen



with receiver and charging pad

Signal type




Brake button


When charging, please make sure the charging point is right on the charing pad.

Instruction video:
It can show 3-14s battery voltage if connect receiver to BATT+. Picture is attached.
Customer can adjust "2. Batt" (3.2V/S or 3.7V/S) and "3. Batt. Num" (1-14s) accoding to their battery.
Because the battery voltage indicator has 10% tolerance. So it's better to set batt number 1S less than actual battery S. (For example, if your battery is 3.7V, 6S, it's better to set remote Batt.Num to 5.)
And here is video (the remote Batt. Num is set to 5):

Waterproof remote controller with display and wireless function, brake mode for electric skateboard, cruise control for electric surfboard, efoil, hydrofoil, water jet propulsion, offroad boards, mountainboard, longboard, etc.,

This remote is totally waterproof with wireless charging. This video is to test the performance underwater. The signal is not interfered in water.

It comes with Anti-sink wrist strap. If the remote drops in the water, it will rise above water.