Maytech Fully Waterproof MTI65162 100/190KV Brushless Inrunner Motor for Electric Surfboard/Efoil/Jetski/Esk8

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SKU: MTI65162-100-SF+Free Propeller

Maytech New Designed Fully Waterproof Inrunner Motor MTI65162 100/120/140KV with propeller 


Model No. MTI65162-100 KV 100
Max Current 300A Input Volt 6-20S Lipo
Max Output Watt 9800W Max Torque  10N.m
Rated Power 8900W Shaft 12mm
Propeller  With 7.25x5 inch Motor Size 65x162mm
Idle Current @8.4V no-load: 1.5A Sensor With and without


Model No. MTI65162-190 KV 190
Max Current 310A Input Volt 14-20S Lipo
Max Output Watt 9100W Max Torque  9N.m
Rated Power 8200W Shaft 12mm
Propeller  Without Motor Size 65x162mm
Idle Current @8.4V no-load: 1.6A Sensor With and without


Please choose the variant you need: 

1) MTI65162-100-SF + Free Propeller: 100KV Sensorless + 7.25x5 inch Propeller

2) MTI65162-190-SF: 190KV Sensorless

3) MTI65162-100-HA-SF: 100KV Sensored

4) MTI65162-190-HA-SF: 190KV Sensored

5) Customized KV: Sensored and sensorless version kv can be customized, lead time is almost 30-50 days, please email to for the KV you need to customize. 

Different application for Sensored and Sensorless Version:

To meet different customers requirements, we designed one version with hall sensor, one version without hall sensor. 

Sensored version can not only be used underwater but also can be used on electric skateboard, fighting robots, electric cars, etc.,

Sensorless version usually use for underwater electric vehicles, electric surfboard, Efoil, hydrofoil, rc boat, water jet propulsion, etc.,

Customer Test Video on Efoil:

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Maytech Self Testing: MTI65162-100-SF+MTSP0504 Prop+300A ESC+1905WF Remote:

To make sure the waterproof, we've tested the motor underwater for over 12 hours before released:


Flier ESCs are not compatible to all Maytech motors, recommend to use our 300A ESC as following recommend products. 

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