Maytech MTVESC6.12 Upgraded 200A VESC based on VESC6.0 Controller with Anti-spark Circuit Electric Speed Controller for Esk8/Fighting Robots/Esurf

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Maytech MTVESC6.12 Upgraded 200A VESC based on VESC6.12 with Anti-spark Circuit Electric Speed Controller for Esk8/Fighting Robots/Esurf 

Attention Please:

1. This is new product, we don't make many stock, when you place order may not have stock, and lead time is almost 20-40 days. 

2. Currently this VESC is not with heat sink, and because this VESC is high current, so if you order this VESC, please add a heat sink for heat dissipation.



Model No.  MTVESC6.12 Dust-proof Yes
Cont Current 200A Splash Waterproof Yes
Burst Current  300A BEC 5V/1.5A
Lipo Volt 3-12S PCB Size 91*52*22mm
Hardware Based on VESC6.0 Firmware Updatable Yes
Connector  None Version Second Generation
Feature  With anti-spark circuit, eliminate sparks when connect to battery. 
Application Electric skateboard, mountainboard, elongboard, all terrain skateboard, fighting robots, combat robots, walking robots, ROV, Esurf, Efoil, foilsurf, jetski, electric hydrofoil, etc.,


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