How to Connect Electric Switch on MTVESC6.12?

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How to Connect Electric Switch on MTVESC6.12?

The ESC has a port for electric switch. Price doesn't include the switch button.

Maytech MTVESC6.12 Upgraded 200A VESC based on VESC6.0 Controller with Anti-spark Circuit Electric Speed Controller for Esk8/Fighting Robots/Esurf

You can connect your own switch button to the port " ON/OFF,  LED(5V), GND".

If connect ON/OFF pin and GND pin, the ESC is off; disconnect them, the ESC is on.

The LED pin is for 5V switch LED.

Maytech MTVESC6.12 Upgraded 200A VESC based on VESC6.0 Controller with Anti-spark Circuit Electric Speed Controller for Esk8/Fighting Robots/Esurf


What will happen if ERPM exceed 10,0000 when use this VESC?

If ERPM is too high, it will damage the driver IC, and MCU computing power can't be controller normally, which may cause motor click or stuck suddenly. 

Attention Please:

1. When ERPM exceed 50,000 will easy burn driver IC and controller is hard to work normally, suggest to not speed up again. 

2. If ERPM do not exceed 10, 0000, but exceed 60,000 and can't speed up (already reached MCU and driver IC working limit), at this moment, the motor will either running stuck or suddenly stuck, either driver IC is burned, or VESC start self protection.