Who is Maytech?

We established in 2007, with over 14 years professional experience of innovation researches, development, and manufacturing electronic intelligent control products.

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New VESC 300A 85V VESC_TOOL Compatible Speed Controller

With great hardness alloy aluminum heat sink;

With / without water cooling, meet your different requirements for surfboard, motorcycle, skateboard, etc.,

Can use up to 85V (20S Lipo) volt, meet your powerful needs;

Based on latest VESC 75_300 hardware, more stable and better performance.

What does Maytech Do?

Brushless motors (inrunner/ outrunner, waterproof/ watercooled, sensored/ sensorless), speed controllers (VESCs, ESCs), 2.4GHZ waterproof remote are our main products, they are mainly used for electric skateboard, electric surfboard, RC boats, UAV drones, R/C models, robotics and other intelligent control systems.

If you have any projects want to OEM, our engineer team is welcome for your OEM requirement and get ready to support your projects !

Any questions or business negotiation are all welcome to contact @ agnes@maytech.cn

OEM Projects That We Do

Logo, KV, shaft, cable length, cable size, hall sensor, connectors, cover, color, size, package, etc customization are all acceptable for Brushless Motors

Firmware, logo, label, cable length, cable size, connection port, package, case, waterproof function, watercooling tube., etc are all acceptable for Speed Controllers

Software, function, logo, display, screen, trigger, package, case, etc customization are all acceptable

for Remote Controllers

Truck, wheels, PU Tyre, motor pulley, wheel pulley, cables and connectors, BMS, anti-spark switch, battery charger, belt, etc