Collection: All Airplane/Helicopter Propellers

Maytech Brushless Electric Airplane/Helicopter remote control flying model propellers

Application: Airplane/RC Airplane/3D flying/RC Hobby Applications/sport flying/aggressive aerobatics/helicopter/racing airplane/ROV/ROVEEE/remote operated vehicle, underwater robot, Underwater Robotics/underwater remotely operated vehicles, subsea robots,cablecam, broadcast, IBC2019, Ultra drones, etc., security monitoring robots,robots for security and safety monitoring in harsh terrain, agile robots, autonomous agile robots, security robots, autonomously monitor security SBAC 342 55" flightmodel/FModel MXS-R 20cc 64" 2019, convert to electric--60A ESC(32bit)+4250-G+1610E SBAC 55" M081--70A ESC(32bit)+4260-G+1508APC

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