Maytech Products and Applications

What Products Maytech Do?

Maytech specializes in developing, designing and manufacturing electronics parts for landed, flying and water sports. 

Our mature electronic parts includes:

 -Brushless Motors (Sensored & Sensorless, Outrunner & Inrunner, Waterproof & Unsealed);

-SuperESC (VESC4, VESC6, VESC75/300 hardware based controllers), common ESCs (32bit, Falcon series, BLHeli, Falco Pro, Simonk, etc), waterproof % watercooled ESCs 

-Waterproof 2.4GHZ Remote Controllers;

-Electric Antispark Switch;

-Bluetooth Module;


-Carbon Fiber Propellers;

Etc., More new products, waiting for you to discover with us !

We are welcome for wholesale and dropshipping for our standard products, can get wholesale price, please contact us for wholesale discount !

If you want to do customize, it is also welcome, write us message in the bottom of this article, we will contact you asap after receive your message. 

You can also contact us via below: 


Phone: 0086-21-56165310

Skype: maytechchina


What Applications can Maytech Products be used to? 

Electric Vehicles: 

Electric skateboard, mountainboard, ebike conversion, escooter, electric motorcycle, electric bicycle, electric car, go-kart, agv car, rc car, etc., 

Underwater Applications: 

Foil asssit, efoil, winch foil, jetsurf, electric boat, underwater ROV, underwater scooter, underwater cleaning drone, cleaning machine, hull cleaning machine, underwater robots, underwater thruster, countercurrent swimming training machine, electric kayak, jetski, electric outboard, electric propulsion kit, automatic positioning system for finishing boats, trolling motor system, sea rescue boat, yacht, bait boats, Electrically Driven Hydraulic Power Pack, etc., 


Fighting robots, combat robots, underwater robots, walking robots, cleaning robots, robot arm, robot for educational and research, automatic robots for tests, agricultural robots, etc., 

Electric Powering Tools: 

Metal Cutting Machine, Drilling & Wrenching Machine, winches and acsending devices, etc., 

Flying Applications: 

UAV Drone, VTOL, paramotor, rc drone, multicopter, airplane, helicopter, agrilcultural drone, photography drone, cable camera, etc., 

Other Appliction

platform for moving with the cyclist dummy, testing ADAS of new hyundai cars,

educational testing platform, etc., 

If you are using other applications, welcome to contact us, we would love to explore more applications and products with you !

Electric surfboard efoil electric skateboard elongboard mountainboard surfboard airplane rc drone agricultural drones


Leave us message for any needs or questions, we will get in touch with you soon ! ↓

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