Maytech Powerful Esurf/RC Boat Kit is Coming!

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Maytech Powerful Esurf/RC Boat Kit is Coming!

Maytech Table Test with Internal receiver 300A ESC, can display RPM on the screen


The kit includes the following products: click the pictures to check more details


1. MTI120116-200-WP Sensorless Inrunner Brushless Motor 200KV:

Maytech Water-cooling MTI120116 Inrunner Brushless DC Motor for Electric Surfboard/Efoil/Jetski/Boat


Max Output Power:18.8KW

Input Volt: 10-16S

Fully Waterproof

Sensorless / Inrunner

If you want to check this motor waterproof craft, check another post click the following picture:

MTSKR1805WF waterproof remote,  MTSKR1905WF fully waterproof remote,  remote controller,  hand remote,  remote control,  V1 remote,  upgraded remote,  hand remote control,  throttle system,  brake mode,  Esk8 mode,  Esurf mode,  speed up and speed down, wirelsss charging, charging pad,  display function,  display screen, paramters showing,  current showing,  temperature, show speed,  show rpm,  show distance,  show temp,  PWM signal format,  PPM signal,  compatible to VESC and ESC,


2. MTSF300A-OPTO-WP Fully Waterproof 300A ESC

The ESC has 2 types:

Type A: Internal with UBEC and Receiver:

More convenient connection, can only work with Maytech V2 Fully Waterproof Remote MTSKR1905WF

Maytech Fully Waterproof 300 ESC with Water Cooling Internal UBEC With Receiver Speed Controller for Esurf/RC Boat


Type B: Internal with UBEC, No receiver

Customers need to connect solder wires on receiver by them themselves, can work with other remotes, more flexible.

Maytech Fully Waterproof 300 ESC with Water Cooling Internal UBEC With Receiver Speed Controller for Esurf/RC Boat


3. Maytech V2 Fully Waterproof Remote MTSKR1905WF:

Maytech MTSKR1905WF V2 New Waterproof Remote Control for Esk8/Esurf/Efoil/Hydrofoil


What vehicles does this kit suitable with?

Application: Electric surfboard, Electric boat, RC Boat, Rescue boat, Jetski, Jetfoiler, Jetsurf, waterboard, Bodyboard, Speedboat, Marine Boat, Foilboard, Foil Boat, Hydrofoil Boat, Motorized Paddle Surf, etc.,