Maytech Remote User Tips and FAQ for Beginners of Esk8 / Esurf / Efoil.

Maytech Remote User Tips and FAQ for Beginners of Esk8 / Esurf / Efoil.

FAQ1: What is Maytech MTSKR1905WF remote?

Mayetch MTSKR1905WF remote is a fully waterproof portable multi-functional hand remote (pocket remote) controller for electric skateboard, longboard, mountainboard, electric surfboard, efoil, hydrofoil, etc electrical vehicles, it is PWM (PPM) signal that can work with all PWM signal formate VESC / ESC electric speed controllers.


FAQ2: What is the advantages of Maytech MTSKR1905WF Remote?

  • First Fully Waterproof Remote in the market, with 2 layers nano-meters coating, with 2 layers waterproof screens.
  • First wireless charging remote in the market, convenient and save space.
  • LED display screen , can display remote & battery power, voltage, signal, RPM, distance, speed, current, temperature, etc., Help you to know the status and parameters of your riding, reminding you when power if off, bring you safe and reliable experience.
  • 1 remote double use, 2 modes, Esk8 and Esurf modes.

         If you are enthusiast of both electric skateboard, electric surfboard or Efoil or rc boat, you just need 1 Maytech MTSKR1905WF remote, it can use both on electric vehicles that is on the ground and underwater, help you to save your money and space.


FAQ3: Know MTSKR1905WF remote appearance and button.

maytech MTSKR1905WF fully waterproof remote for electric skateboard longboard mountainboard surfboard jetski jetboard

fully waterproof remote for electric surfboard foilsurf foilboard RC boat electric boat motorized surfboard skateboard


FAQ4: How can I pair the receiver with my VESC / ESC speed controller?

  • The receiver signal format is PWM (PPM), please make sure your VESC / ESC signal format is the same, otherwise you can’t pairing successful.
  • Please make sure that your VESC / ESC are with BEC, or UBEC to provide power supply for receiver.
  • If your VESC / ESC is PWM signal, and your VESC with BEC or UBEC, then you can pair the receiver with your speed controller and follow the below steps:

         1. Turn off the receiver

         2. Find pair in main-menu menu (follow remote manual, we will send to you when ship your order)

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        3. Long press function button for 1 second to enter pairing status, when screen shows 【..】, turn on the receiver, it will auto-pair with the remote in almost 0.5 second, short press brake button and return back to main interface, receiver red light lights steady, and signal show in the left corner of the screen, receiver pairing successful.

        4. Next time you just need to turn on the receiver, it will auto-pair and you don’t need to pair again.

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You can also refer to the following video: 


FAQ5: How to display battery voltage?

【Main battery voltage】The voltage is measured by receiver or obtained by VESC. The receiver reports the main battery voltage to the remote, which displays the power ratio of the main battery according to the preset number of battery. If your main battery power is low, the bars and 【xx Batt.】words on screen will flash to remind you charge your battery.

  • Select Batt Type in main menu and long press function button for 1 second to enter to sub-menu.

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  • Select correct battery voltage of your battery, there’s 2 options:

   【3.2V】Lithium-ion ferrous phosphate battery: 3.2V per cell

   【3.7V】Lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries; 3.7 V per cell.

When Data Source is not set to VESC, If receiver is not connected to main battery, remote will not display anything about main battery;

When Data Source is set to VESC, it will obtain VESC voltage information automatically.


FAQ6: What is the meaning of Maytech remote Batt voltage bar definition?

The remote voltage has 5 bars:

4.0V/cell; 3.8V/cell; 3.6V/cell; 3.4V/cell; 3.2V/cell.

Voltage under 3.3V is low voltage, remind you to charge for the remote.

Do you charge the remote until the remote voltage is run out of, keep the remote in full voltage or normal voltage status, and do not keep the remote voltage in low voltage for long time, otherwise remote battery would easy being damaged.


FAQ7: Can Maytech remote work with Focbox Unity VESC?

Yes, Focbox is modified on the basis of VESC, it has same function with VESC and all is PWM (PPM) signal.


FAQ8: 433mhz signal format can use underwater and can avoide other drone signal interference, unlike 2.4Ghz is easy to be interfered by other signal, why you dont use 433mhz signal format?

There’s few transmission frequency that 433mhz can carry, our remote need to transmit signal from speed controller, motor, speed and receiver, 433mhz signal can’t do such work.


FAQ9: What is the bandwidth of Maytech MTSKR1905WF remote?

Our remote bandwidth is 80Mhz, it is channel to use for 2.4Ghz band.


FAQ10: What is the wireless communication type of Maytech MTSKR1905WF remote?

The remote wireless communication type is radio frequency (normal wireless signal). This remote has 80 channels to use, one remote can use 4 channels frequency hopping, 80/4=20, theoretically can use at most 20pcs remote in one place at the same time.


FAQ11: Can Maytech remote work with servo motor?

Maytech remote can’t work with servo motor, servo motor needs specific driver, needs to customize signal format according to the signal your specific driver can accept.


FAQ12: Can I use the remote control 2 receivers at the same time?

All Maytech remote can’t control 2 receivers or more than 2 receivers at the same time, because the remote is one-one two-way communication, even if use 2 receivers share one RF frequency.  


FAQ13: Can Maytech remote work with multiple VESC / ESC speed controller together?

All Maytech remote can work with 2pcs or more than 2pcs VESC / ESC speed controller together, you just need to parallel connect all controllers’ signal cable, and connect receiver to anyone of the controllers, then the remote can control multiple controllers at the same time.


FAQ14: Can Maytech V2 MTSKR1905WF remote accept double source power supply?

Yes, Maytech MTSKR1905WF remote can accept double source power supply, it accepts 5V or 3.3V.

Except for add use BEC built-in VESC or add a UBEC, you can add a seperate battery to power the receiver, +5V port can accept voltage from 3.7V-12V, battery port can accept voltage from 3.3V-4.2V.  (Please refer to below picture)

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FAQ15: Tips you need to noted when you connect the MTSKR1905WF receiver.

The remote MTSKR1905WF is fully waterproof, but the receiver is not waterproof, please attention the following points:

  • If use UART or canbus function, do not use long wire connection, otherwise would easy burn your controller, suggest to use as thicker and shorter wires as you can, the thicker the wire, the stronger the signal.
  • The receiver is not waterproof, keep the receiver out of water, add enclosure outside of the receiver if you need to use for under water vehicles.
  • When you weld cable on the receiver or when use, try to avoid each 2 pin on the receiver touches each other.


FAQ16: Can I change longer antenna to strengthen signal strength for receiver of MTSKR1905WF ?

Yes, the antenna port type is IPEX 2.4Ghz.


FAQ17: What is the highest voltage can use in the MTSKR1905WF remote?

The higher voltage the MTSKR1905WF remote can use is 18S (75.6V), if battery voltage is higher than 18S (75.6V), then can’t use this remote.


FAQ18: Does Maytech MTSKR1905WF remote has forwarder/reverse function?

In Esk8 mode has forwarder/reverse function, not in Esurf mode.


FAQ19: How to use forwarder/reverse function?

Please noted: this function is related to your VESC / ESC speed controller, if your VESC / ESC also has forwarder/reverse function, then you can use this function, if not, the this function can’t be used.

  • You need to open forwarder/reverse function in your VESC / ESC speed controller, then the remote can use this function automatically, when this function is open, throttle trigger on remote charges forwarder, brake trigger on remote charges reverse.
  • Brake trigger charges reverse, how can I brake?

   Brake function is also related to your VESC / ESC, if your VESC / ESC has brake function, you need to open this function, and adjust duty cycle percentage in VESC_TOOL, this percentage value is related to throttle percentage, when you need to slow down, release the throttle trigger on the remote slowly, the smaller the throttle percentage, the slower the speed.

    Or you can add a mechanical brake.


FAQ20: When I press the trigger to top, the throttle or brake percentage on the screen is not 100%, why is that happen and what should I do?

Due to environmental changes during use, remote calibration may be out of proportion to the output of PWM signal. Then it needs to do calibration.

Our MTSKR1905WF remote has calibration function, you can do the calibration in the remote, and your ESC don’t need to have calibration function.


FAQ21: How to calibrate in Maytech MTSKR1905WF remote?

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Select 【Calibration】in main menu and long press function button for 1 second to enter Sub-menu. Once enter calibration, it must need to be finished. If don’t continue calibration and exit, remote and receiver will stop working together.

Press throttle trigger to top and loose, and press brake trigger to top and loose. When press trigger, the screen will prompt【Calibrating】 and 【 Cal. OK】.

After both two are【 Cal. OK】, long press function button to return to main menu and save the results.


FAQ22: How can I upgrade Maytech MTSKR1905WF remote?

This remote has been upgraded to latest version before shipment, you don’t need to upgrade again.

If you need to upgrade, follow the below wiring.

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FAQ23: Tips you need to noted when use the Transistor switch on the receiver of Maytech MTSKR1905WF.

If you use transistor switch, you need to add another 12V battery for this switch, because main battery voltage is too high, if directly use main battery, would easy burn MOS tube.

Suggest to use Transistor to control light on Esk8, relay switch to control pump on Esurf.

Relay switch can also use to control light on Esk8 , and it doesn’t need another 12V battery, can directly use main battery to power, but relay switch is mechanical switch, the light needs to be on and off often, which would easy cause the switch loose and shorter the switch lifespan.


FAQ24: Can I set max throttle percentage in Mayetch MTSKR1905WF?

Maytech MTSKR1905WF remote can set max throttle percentage, if your VESC / ESC can program, you can program in your VESC / ESC.


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