VESC Driver 2: Do you know the 3 Ways to Install VESC Driver?

VESC Driver 2: Do you know the 3 Ways to Install VESC Driver?

How to install VESC Driver in Windows system?

When you receive a VESC and is trying to use VESC_TOOL to program, you may find VESC_TOOL couldn’t identify USB serial port, you may think this is USB cable or VESC problem, don’t panic, below is the answer:

First thing you need to know: when you connect VESC to your computer with USB cable, VESC driver is required to be installed to connect VESC to your computer, so that you can adjust parameters in VESC_TOOL. So when you connect VESC to computer with USB cable but VESC_TOOL couldn’t find USB serial port, don’t blame on USB cable or VESC, first check if you have installed VESC driver.

There are 3 kinds common operating systems, Windows, Linux and Mac, each system has different way to install driver, here we only make illustration for Windows, WinXP / Win7 / Win10 has difference in installation interface, but same process, take Win10 as an example:

3 Ways to install VESC driver:

  1. First way is Automatically installation:After WinXP system, Windows has built-in function of automatically search driver on the internet, so when you connect VESC to your computer with USB cable, if current Windows has no VESC driver, Windows can search related driver and install automatically, at this moment, Windows has a hint of showing “new device is discovered meanwhile automatically search and install driver”, you just need to wait for the installation finished, it takes about 1-2 minutes or longer.


  1. Second way is Manually running driver to install: Some Windows can’t automatically search and install driver because of internet or version problem, you can only install manually.

VESC Driver function: to make Windows can correctly control hardware, although VESC and PC is connected by USB cable, Windows can only identify VESC as a device that is connected by serial port, at this time need to convert USB to serial port drive, it can also be called virtual serial port. Below is the driver download link:

Hint: Name and email address is required when download the driver.


After driver is download, choose suitable executable program (.exe) from zip file according to your operation system.

W7 stands for Win7, W8 stands for Win8 and Win10

X64_64Bit stands for 64bit operation system (most computer is 64bit), X86_32Bit stands for 32bit operation system

Find suitable executable program, double click “next” to install.

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After driver is installed, connect USB cable, turn on power, at this moment windows will automatically match the driver and update, when update is finished, check this new hardware in device manager, you’ll see a serial port number (COM X <X is any of Arabic numerals >) behind of VESC device name, choose correct COM number in VESC_TOOL--Connection--USB-Serial--Port

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  1. Third way is to install by inf file, which is to manually choose driver file to install:

At first you need to have the file folder with inf. file inside, then connect USB cable to VESC and computer, and turn on VESC. Find USB device that couldn’t install driver (should have a exclamation mark) under USB Device menu in Device Manager, right-click to choose “Update Driver Program”, then manually choose the file folder with inf. File, if the driver is correct, it will be installed automatically.

After driver installed, you can get a COM number (same as the second way, serial port number), choose correct COM number in VESC_TOOL--Connection--USB-Serial--Port.

Inf. Driver file can be download here, remember to unzip the file:

Wanna see diagram refer to below article:

How to Install VESC Driver by inf. File Folder?


You may encounter below problems when you install driver:

  1. When inserted USB cable, windows couldn’t discover new hardware, and couldn’t find USB device with exclamation mark under device manager, also no virtual serial port device that can work normally.  

         At this moment, please check VESC power, USB cable, USB port in your computer in orderly.

         Try other USB port or USB cable when VESC in turned on, if still not working, then disconnect VESC power and re-connect power and try again. If still not working, try another computer, if still not working, then might be VESC problem.

  1. Some USB port in VESC couldn’t identify VESC, this is compatibility issues, it’s normal, just use USB port that can be identified.
  1. Some computer can identify and some can’t. it should be Windows system or PC hardware compatibility issues, if can identify, then need to re-install windows system, if computer can’t identify, then can only change to another computer.
  1. Driver isinstalled successfullyand can identify virtual serial port and assign port number, but can't connect to VESC_TOOL, it might be driver problem, suggest you uninstall the driver and re-install, if still not working, then might be the windows system problem, suggest to re-install windows system or change another computer to try.
  1. Everything is normal when VESC is standby, but when VESC starts working, connection always be interrupted if check real-time monitoring picture, it’s because USB cables is interrupted, change to anti-interrupted cable with length no longer than 1m, and do not close to motor when use.
  1. Can’t connect when use phone charging cable?

          Many charging cable only has power cable inside of USB cable, don’t have data cable, change to real data cable.

  1. Can I use USB cable to download firmware?

          Yes, but first you need to make sure VESC_TOOL can connect with VESC, then you can download firmware in VESC_TOOL.


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