Can I use Switching Power Supply on VESC?

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Can I use Switching Power Supply on VESC?

The answer is no, here's 2 reasons:

1. Because switching power supply voltage can reach to 300V at the moment of power connected, then switching power need to adjust voltage to specific voltage (such as 20V, 35V), most switching power has slow response, the 300V voltage will directly burn controller driver chip and MCU, also may cause capacitor swell.


2. Connect power first (for example 35V), connect load, when load weight is too high, voltage will decrease (almost 30V),at this time switching power supply need to increase voltage to specific value (35V), but load weight is constantly changing, if load weight change to smaller at this moment, instant voltage will be higher, which will burn controller.

For example, at the moment of power connected, capacitor will be charged quickly, voltage will be decreased, if switching power need to maintain setup value then it must increase voltage, but capacitor stop charging when full charged, at this momment switching power actual voltage will be higher than setup voltage, theres time difference when it knows the problem and then decrease voltage to setup value, controller already burned.


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