How to add Magnetic Switch to your Efoil Electric Surfboard?

How to add Magnetic Switch to your Efoil Electric Surfboard?

I want to connect a magnetic switch as a safety switch. When I drop the surfboard or efoil, the magnetic switch will follow me to drop off. At this time, the motor ESC stops working. What should I do?

1. What is Magnetic switch?

Magnetic switch is an electrical switch that makes or breaks contact in the presence of a magnetic field. Applications include situations where it is not desirable or possible for moving elements to make direct contact with the switch, such as in explosive environments, submerged in liquids, and where repetitive contact with a mechanical switch would result in undesired wear. Generally, the switch remains actuated as long as a sufficiently strong magnetic field is present, and opens when the field is removed.


2. How to make it work for efoil or electric surfboard?

For example, if use MTI65162 100KV motor + 300A fully waterproof ESC external receiver + remote: The magnetic switch can be connected to the 5V cable of the signal cables. When the switch is turned on, the receiver continues to output signals to the ESC. When the switch falls off, the receiver stops outputting signals to the ESC, then electric surfboard or efoil stopped working.

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