What's the Differences Between Remote MTSKR1905WF and MTSKR2005WF?

Always have customer ask the difference between Maytech MTSKR1905WF and MTSKR2005WF remote, here's the video show you the differences: 


-IP67 Waterproof, recommend to use for water sports, with glue waterproof on screen. 

-With Esurf and Esk8 modes, can work on both electric skateboard and electric surfboard. 

-With cruise control function on Esurf mode. 


-IP66 waterproof, can only use to electric skateboard. 

-With 3 speed modes, can set 3 different max throttle from 0%-100%. 

-No cruise control function


They use same receiver, can display different parameters: 

-When work for electric skateboard, can display speed (km/h or mph)

-When work for electric surfboard, can display RPM (by 3 different ways)

-When work with VESC, can display voltage, current, temp, etc.,

-Can display remote and main battery power, signal bar, throttle and brake %, etc.,

-Firmware is updatable

-Can set safety button

-Can control light and water pump

-Wireless charging

-Compatible Controllers: VESCTOOL Compatible/ Focbox/ Other PWM ESCs that has same signal output range with the remote. 

-Double Source Power Supply: Accept 5V power by ESC built-in BEC or extra 5V power

-Can use UART


Watch below video to know more clearly: 

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