Colección: Truck, Belt, Pulley, wheel, etc., for Esk8, Mountainboard, Robots

Electric Skateboard truck set: 

MTSKT310DB front and rear truck set for belt-driven motor;

MTSKT1614F: Front truck

MTSKT1614B: Rear truck for dual hub motor, can work with MTSKT1614F front truck

MTMSKT1907FB: Mountainboard truck set with front and rear truck

Pulley, belt: 

MTSKP1512C: 60T 17mm 3M wheel pulley

MTSKG1616: 20T 16mm 3M motor pulley with 8mm hole 

MTSKB1615: HTD-255 3M Belt

MTP2005C: 36T 5M Belt with 2pcs ball bearing

MTSKG2005: 14T 5M Motor pulley with 8mm hole 

MTSKB2005: 51T 5M HTD255 Belt

MTSKB1709: HTD395 5M Belt 

MTSKG1709: 16T 6M with 10mm hole


MTMSKW08FBK 8inch Tyre Wheel

MTSKW83mm, 90mm Wheel

Ball Bearing, connectors, cables, etc.,


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