Happy Christmas and 【Christmas & New Year Sale】

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Happy Christmas and 【Christmas & New Year Sale】

Coming to the end of the year 2019, we welcome the Christmas and New Year , Maytech wish all of our customers have a rich new year, with happy, love and more money.

To celebrate the most important Festival and for you to choose the most considerate gift for your friend or family, here comes the Maytech 【Christmas & New Year Sale】, click the following pictures to check more details.

Can use on both Esk8 and Efoil/Esurf:

Maytech V2 Fully Waterproof Remote MTSKR1905WF

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It has 2 modes, Esk8 and Esurf.

For Esk8:

Brake mode; Display screen (Can show speed, current, temp, etc., when work with VESC); Wireless charging; Fully Waterproof (Don’t need to worry the remote would be damaged when it’s raining); Can set safety button; Can control light (So you can safely run Esk8 at night)

For Esurf/Efoil/Boat:

Cruise control function; Display screen (can display RPM, voltage, power, etc.,); Fully Waterproof with 2 layers nano-meter coating; Can set safety button; Can control pump

For Efoil/Esurf/Boat Water Sports Application:

Maytech Fully Waterproof Efoil/Esurf/Boat Kit:

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3 Different motor kits:

A: 9100W 65162 motor+ MTSKR1905WF +300A ESC (Efoil)

B: 10.5KW 85165 motor+ MTSKR1905WF+ 300A ESC (Efoil/Esurf)

C: 18.8KW 120116 motor+ MTSKR1905WF+ 300A ESC (Esurf/Boat)

Different kit fit for different application, can meet most customers requirements, also for the 85165 motor and 120116 motor, has 2 versions, water-cooled version and fully waterproof version, you can choose the correct one you need.


Maytech 300A ESC with 2 Versions Splash waterproof and Fully waterproof versions:

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2 Versions, basic functions is the same, all with progcard, can be programmable

Fully waterproof version is more completed and convenient to use:

-With fully waterproof aluminum case

-Internal receiver and UBEC

-Connectors on motor cable side are soldered before shipment, so you connect to motor directly

-We add IP68 waterproof protector for motor cable and battery side cable connectors

-With water-cooling


For Electric Skateboard/Fighting Robots/ROVs, etc., Application

Maytech New Powerful Motor 6396 Brushless Outrunner Motor with Big Ball Bearing for Esk8/Figting Robots

Maytech Brushless 6396 170/190KV Closed Cover Sensored Motor 10mm Shaft for Esk8/E-bike/Fighting Robotics

Maytech SUPERFOC6.8 50A VESC6.0 based Controller with/without Heat Sink

Maytech SUPERFOC6.8 50A VESC6-based speed controller compatible to VESCtool Programmable for Esk8/Ebike

Other Products: More Motors, Controllers, Remote and other accessories, click the picture to check more details.

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The sale is already on, the products prices are all goes down, you can place order directly, the sale is limited until 24th, Jan, 2020, so order earlier.

And if you have any question, please feel free to contact us

Email: maytech@maytech.cn


Happy Christmas and Happy New Year !