How can Maytech Ensure Their Inrunner Motor Waterproof ?

How can Maytech Ensure Their Inrunner Motor Waterproof ?

Maytech Inrunner fully waterproof motor upgraded to Water-sealed from Oil-sealed, Better technology to prevent water-in and extend motor lifespan.

Water-seal has 2 parts as the following pictures:

2pcs strong hardness ceramic rub with each other, metal ring part spins together with shaft and ball bearing, in this way can prevent abrasion between shaft and water-seal part, and extend motor lifespan.

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Which of Maytech motors are Fully Waterproof with water-sealed craft?

Maytech MTI65162 Brushless Inrunner Motor for Efoil/Hydrofoil:

Maytech Fully Waterproof MTI65162 100/190KV Brushless Inrunner Motor for Electric Surfboard/Efoil/Jetski/Esk8


Maytech MTI85165 Brushless Inrunner Motor for Efoil/Esurf

Maytech Splash Waterproof MTI85165 210KV Inrunner Brushless Sensorless Motor for Esurf/Efoil/RC Boat KV Customized


Maytech MTI120116 Brushless Inrunner Motor for Esurf/RC Boat, Jetski, Jetboard, etc.,

Maytech Water-cooling MTI120116 Inrunner Brushless DC Motor for Electric Surfboard/Efoil/Jetski/Boat


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