VESC Driver 3: Why still can't connect VESC to VESC_TOOL After VESC Driver installed?

VESC Driver 3: Why still can't connect VESC to VESC_TOOL After VESC Driver installed?

Some customers may ask: I still can't successful connect VESC to VESC_TOOL after VESC driver is installed, what should I do?

After VESC driver is installed, doesn't mean the VESC is successfully installed, you need to choose correct virual serial port number in VESC_TOOL, if the virtual port number choose incorrect, still can't correct, check below steps:

1. When you first connect VESC to VESC_TOOL or when firmware is updated, driver will be installed automatically, please make sure your computer has network. (If the driver does not installed automatically, check former article,3 Ways to Install VESC Driver?)

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2. After driver is installed, it will display a Virtual serial Port number (COMX, x is a number)

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3. You need to find corresponding Virtual Serial Port number in VESC_TOOL, sometimes it does not display when you conenct port, at this time you must refresh to display new port number, and then connect

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4. If the port is not correct, the VESC can't be connected successful. 

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