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In Stock 2pcs / 5pcs MTSPF7.12K V2 Max 75V 200A V75/300 based Speed Controller SUPERFOC ESC

In Stock 2pcs / 5pcs MTSPF7.12K V2 Max 75V 200A V75/300 based Speed Controller SUPERFOC ESC

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Fan and UBEC

Maytech Upgraded High Current 200A Speed Controller VESCTOOL Compatible based on V75/300 Speed Controller Comb with 20W Cooling Fan and 12V DC-DC Module for Esk8/Fighting Robots


2 Options:

1. With cooling fan and UBEC
2. Without cooling fan and UBEC
How to install cooling fan and UBEC, please check below manual, click here to check manual: 
Electric Motorcycles/scooters, electric offroad skateboards, go-karts, and robots, etc demands ESCs with high current, high voltage and small size, but traditional electric bicycle ESCs are large in size and small in current. Electric motorcycle ESC can meet the requirements in terms of voltage and current, but it has a very large volume, a heavy weight, and a very high price.
Our MTSPF7.12 200A SUPERFOC ESC has successfully solved these problems, Max 75V voltage, 200A current, tiny size and compact design, and very light weight.


Model No.  MTSPF7.12K Dust-proof Yes
Cont Current 200A Splash Waterproof Yes
Software VESC_TOOL BEC 5V/1.5A
Input Volt


If do not use brake, can use max to 75V, if use brake, please use no exceed 50V. 

PCB Size 92*52*22mm
Hardware Based on V75_300 Firmware Updatable Yes
Case Size 98.5*56*35mm
PCB Net Weight 160g
Fan Power 20W UBEC 75V convert to 12V, power for cooling fan

12pcs mosfets; 8-layer PCB; separate high current components and low-curent components to two PCBs; etc

Application Electric skateboard, mountainboard, elongboard, all terrain skateboard, fighting robots, combat robots, walking robots, ROV, Esurf, Efoil, foilsurf, jetski, electric hydrofoil, etc.,


Never connect one reclever to two or more V6/V75  based SUPERFOC ESCs or VESCs in an array!  Permanent damage may result from Y-PPM wiring. 

Only connect CAN L and CAN H ! GND pins and 5V should never be connected in a V6/V75 based SUPERFOC ESCs or VESC array.

Recommend Set in VESCTOOL:
Motor Current Max: ≤200A (According to your motor current)
Absolute Maximum Current: 250A (According to your motor current)
Battery Current Max: ≤100A (According to your battery discharge current)
MTSVESC6.12 200A VESC speed COntroller for electric skateboard, fighting robots, 60V VESC, 200A cont current, electric speed controller, ROV, AGV car, mountainboard

Port definations: 

  1. Type C USB port to connect computer for programming;
  2. LED Port for connecting customer’s LED light to show ESC is on or off;
  1. Sensor port for motor Hall sensors (ABI, HALL, magnetic precision encoders);
  1. CAN Port for CAN communication with other devices and controller arrays;
  1. COMM port for various kinds of other communication methods like I2C, ADC, Uart,You can use your Arduino or Raspberry Pi to control the SuperESC!
  1. PPM port to connect PPM transceivers.


  • High voltage 18S, High curent 200A, tiny size and compact design, light weight.
  • Superior Safety: With over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-heat protection.
  • 2pcs PCBs to separate high and low power components (more stable and reliable).
  • 8-layer 3oz PCB Board, 3.4mm thick, supports high current and has efficient heat-dissipation capability. (Other brand PCB is only 1-2mm thick).
  • 12pcs high quality Mosfets, greater efficiency, handle higher current.
  • ARM 32bit processor, faster data transfer and storage.
  • 3pcs Capacitors 63V 820μf, prevent power circuit impact.
  • 3pcs Current sampling chips, It can make the current sampling faster and more accurate, and has a good improvement on the FOC and over-current protection functions.
  • 6061 Premium Alu-Alloy Case, Quick heat-dissipation, Sleek aluminum finish, comfortable hand-feeling.
  • Removable cooling fan, 20W high power for quick cooling. Ensure reliable performance with excellent temperature control technology
  • USB Type C port- easy to connect and program settings.
  • Firmware standard: VESCTOOL automatically recognizes this ESC as 7.5_300. This firmware can be used.



  • High voltage: If use current mode, without brake, max voltage is 75V; If use current mode with brake or duty cycle mode, max voltage is 12S lipo (Max 50.4V).
  • High current: 200A
  • Compatible with brushed and brushless motors, intrunner and outrunner motors Sensored or Sensorless operation + Hybrid mode
  • Adjustable Forward/Backward/Brake
  • Regenerative Braking Function
  • Configurable RPM, Current, Voltage and Power limits
  • Support PPM, Analog (ADC), UART, Canbus input
  • Communication ports: USB, CAN, UART
  • Support FOC sine wave mode

  • Throttle curve and ramping for all input sources

  • Seamless 4-quadrant operation
  • Motor Revolution, Amp Hour, Watt Hour counting
  • Real time data analysis and read out via communication ports
  • Adjustable protection against:
        Max and Minimum Input(Battery) Voltage
           Max Motor Current and Input(Battery) Current limits
           Max ERPM(RPM) (separate limits for each direction)
           Max Power (Wattage)
           Max Motor and ESC Temperature
           Max Regenerative Braking Current (separate limits for the motor and the input)

    Attention Points when you receive the controller Please:

    All products had been double checked and tested one by one before shipment, only if the products are working normally would be shipped out. 
    • When you receive the controller, please test without load and do not connect motor, first check if the controller can successfully connect to your computer, if ok, then connect to motor and you can start to adjust parameters.
    • Do not use switching power supply, the instant voltage when switching power supply connect to controlleris very high, which would easy damage the controller.
    • Do not push the throttle too hard when test without load, gently and slowly speed up.
    • Be cautious when adjust parameters, if parameters set mistake, would also easy damage the controller.
    • Do not recommend to work with BLDC mode, please use FOC mode. 
    • If you use UART port, the wire better do not over 0.5m or even shorter, and better use Stranded wire.

    Above notices are only suggestions based on the experience of our engineers. how to actually operate is up to you. Parameters for different setup is also different, please noted.


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    Electric skateboard, Esk8, Eskate, Elongboard, Mountainboard, Offroad skateboad, All terrain skateboard, Eskate, E-bike, Electric bike, Electirc motorcycle, E-scooter, Electric scooter, motorized skateboard, ROV/RPVEE, Remote operated vehicles, underwater robots, Underwater robotics, Underwater remotely operated vehicles, Subsea robots, Cablecam, Cable camera, Broadcast, IBC2019, Ultra drones, Security monitoring robots, Robots for security and safety monitoring in harsh terrain, Agile robots, SAutonomous agile robots, Security robots, Autonomously monitor security, Combat robots, Fighting robots, Electric surfboard, Efoil, etc.,

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