Are You Still Looking for Propeller Guard ?

Are You Still Looking for Propeller Guard ?

1. What is propeller guard (prop guard)? 

A propeller guard, as its name, as a protection for the propeller, it can freely allows propeller movement and safeguards it against rough underwater parts, it can not only protect people from getting hurt by the high spinning propeller,  but also can protect the propeller blades from rocks or somethign that could damage it.

It has different materials like metal, compound carbon fiber. 

Today we introduce you of our propeller guard that is 3d-printed with high quality and hardness PET-CF material, it is arbon fiber reinforced polyester material, with great creep resistance performance , this material no need MOQ requirement and mold fees, very suitable for personal use and DIY parts. 

Prop guard in the video, click here to check more specs

Compatible Motor: 65162 Efoil Motor





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