VESC Driver 1: How to Install VESC Driver by inf. File Folder?

VESC Driver 1: How to Install VESC Driver by inf. File Folder?

Inf. File download link:


First Step: download the file in the above link, unzip the file

Open Device Manager in your computer, find the device corresponding to the inserted USB device, if has no corresponding driver program, you’ll see an exclamation mark behind the device name, choose this device, right-click and select “Update Driver Program”

how to install VESC driver in windows?

Second Step:

Choose “Browse your computer to find driver software”

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Third Step:

Choose file folder with inf. File and install, remember to unzip you download.

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Forth Step:

Go next and install

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And done:

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There are totally 3 installation methods for VESC Driver:

  1. Automatic installation: Install Driver without plugged USB, but after installation, plug in usb, the driver will assigna virtual port number.
  1. Manually choose driver file to install:

 If the driver is not an executable program, then manually select the Driver to install: you need

to insert the usb to continue the installation. This article is illustration of this way.

  1. Manually running driver program to install:

If the computer internet is connected, after usb is connected, windows will

automatically search for the drive online. This process takes about 5 minutes.


See next article about another 2 installation methods.


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