Some knowledge about Efoil and Electric surfbaord

Some knowledge about Efoil and Electric surfbaord

Efoils use electric power and enable riders flying above water without the need of wind, waves or paddles. Also they’re environment-friendly compared to gas boards.

They’re made by hard carbon fiber boards or inflatable boards with mast, electric propulsion system and wing underneath.

According to customers feedback, inflatable boards and short mast are portable and easier to ride on the surface; Carbon fiber boards are more smooth, long mast is doing better on turn; Smaller wings have higher speed, which are more preferred by experienced riders. If you want easy ride, recommend bigger wings.

Maytech started development of efoil parts from late 2017. We now have fully waterproof remote/motors/ESCs to meet different people need on their efoils or surfboards.

1. Wireless Remote Controller:

1.1. Remote (Transmitter):

IP rating: IP67

Throttle trigger and Brake trigger

Sensor Type: Non-contact Hall sensor

Two control modes: ESK8 mode-Trottle and Brake; Esurf mode-Throttle and Cruise speed control, No Brake

Display: 128x64 OLED, yellow and blue screen, easy to view remote battery and main battery voltage

Battery: 3.7V/420mA, Full-charged working time more than 2 hours

Charge interface: QI standard wireless charging interface

Transmission distance: Air 10M; Water 1M

1.2. Receiver:

Throttle signal output: 1-2ms 50Hz PWM 5V Max

Voltage detection range: 5-80V ±5%

Standard PWM signal output, can be used in electric surfboards, electric skateboards, rc cars, rc boats, rc airplanes, robotics, etc., can also be customized for 4-20ma signal output for industrial applications.

1.3. Other advantages:

Easy pairing remote and receiver;
Automatic memory of code pairs (it doesn't need to pair again in next time using);

Fast response;

Auto throttle shut down in signal lose situation;

With free accessory (floating belt)


2. Waterproof/Watercooled inrunner motors

2.1. First-hand and high quality components:

High power/efficiency

The static balance is confirm.

NSK Japanese bearings

Magnets is N45SH sintered ndfeb magnet

Use high temperature and oxygen-free copper wire

Stainless steel shaft

High-temperature micro ball-bearing

Fully waterproof IP68 rating (65162 motor)

Waterproof and watercooled motor with build-in temperature sensor(85165 and 120116 motor)

2.2. High Performance:

High performance brushless motors reduce noise and vibration, enabling smooth control while, improve the stability and performance of electric surfboard/efoils, etc, and simplify maintenance, extending its lifetime.

3. Waterproof/Watercooled ESCs

3.1. First-hand and high quality components imported from Japan and United States:

A. PCB: Glass fiber in the middle of copper plating on the top and bottom, thick copper layer, great conductivity and heat dissipation, pad with gold plating, anti-oxidation, fast heat dissipation and high temperature resistance.

B. Imported MOS tube from Japan and United States, brand: IR, Toshiba, AO. Small internal resistance, short switching time.

C. Imported MCU from ATMEL, SILAB, ARM. Fast responding

D. Imported Capacitor from Japanese Red Rubbyson, high frequency capacitor, quick charge and discharge, current output equalization.

E. Motor wires and power wires: silicon cables, insulation and high temperature resistance.

3.2. Parameters can be adjusted by PC or progcard to maximize motor performance:

Extremely low internal resistance

Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity

With water cooling system and waterproof function

Supports high RPM motors

New Advanced programming software

Low voltage protection

Keep battery cooler and longer surfing time


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