Customize Service (OEM & ODM)

Maytech Customize Project and Procedures: 

We are very welcome if you want to do customization, please feel free to contact us, below is our custom procedures: 

Customize products that we do:

Motors, speed controllers, remotes, electronic switch, etc.,

Customize items that we can do for you: 

-Motor: logo; shaft; case; cover; cable length and size; connector, etc.,

-Speed Controller: logo; cable length and size; connector, etc.,

-Remote: logo; case; function you want to achieve; frequency; Display, etc., 

Below is the basic custom procedures: 


Maytech customize procedures brushless motor electric power system electric speed controller VESC ESC SuperESCs waterproof remote controllers Efoil


6. Leave us message for your wholesale or customization projects requirements, we will get in touch with you soon ! ↓

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