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Maytech Brushless 6880 190KV Closed Cover Sensored Dustproof and Waterproof Motor for Esk8/E-bike/Robots/Mountainboard/E-scooter MTO6880-190-HA-C3 With big ball bearing 


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Model No
Idle Current
Max Current
Inpur Voltage
2-12s Lipo
Max Output Watt
Max Pull
Rated Current
Motor Weight 
Output Shaft Length
Internal Resistance


This motor is specially designed for fighting robots. It is more powerful than 5570 size motors and can be used on 110kg level combat robots.

As Maytech VESC50A and VESC100A are popularly used on many combat robots, such as sandstorm from Ellis Ware, we customized this motor for battlebots to work best with the VESCs. 

The extra big ball bearing is added in the bottom, to anti-vibration or shakes in competition.   

The extended shaft length makes installation on robots more easier. 

All parts are made of a high-precision CNC machining center, and all surfaces are made with oxidation treatment. High temperature and high purity oxygen-free copper wires were used. The motors use high-grade magnets and 0.2 mm lamination to improve efficiency. 

The closed cover enables motors have dust-proof and water-proof function

The hall-effect sensors inside tracks the motor’s position. This information permits the controller to alternate power with the right timing and in the right sequence and, voila, it spins. 

Better efficiency means you get more mechanical energy per unit of power,

After a lot of development, we have put together what we know works best for an electric skateboard or ebike motor and made it small and compact.


Application: for electric skateboard, ebike, electric bike, underwater robots, Marine robots, fighting robots, War robots, delivery robots, electric power tools, hydrofoil board, MegaBots, Battlebots, Robot combat, Combat Robots, etc. 


Maytech 6880 HA C3 hall sensor motor brushless

maytech mto6880-190-ha-c3 brushless all sealed cover brushless dc motor powerful engine for electric skatebaord surfboard longboard all terrain offroad mountainboard

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