In Stock Maytech 300A OPTO ESC with Water-cooling Aluminum Case Controller for Esurf/Efoil/Hydrofoil

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Maytech 300A ESC with Water-cooling Aluminum Case Controller for Esurf MTSF300A-OPTO

Specification for MTSF300A-OPTO: 

Model No. MTSF300A-OPTO Cont Current 300A
Burst Current  1000A BEC None
Lipo Volt 6-14S Weight  680g
Size 155*80*30mm Power Cable  8AWG 
Accessories UBEC+Progcard UBEC Input Volt 18-75V
UBEC-75V Function  5V Power Supply for receiver Water Pump With 12V 30W Water pump and 12V power supply
Anti-spark Switch MTS2009AS 300A 85V Electric Switch Switch Function Protect your controller and battery system when start-up and brake


Please noted for usage: 

Max ERPM recommended to use for the ESC is 50000. 

ERPM = RPM x Motor pole pairs number

This ESC default firmware is compatible with Maytech motor and ESC, if you need to compatible with other remote, please contact us first. 

2 Options:

1. MT300A-OPTO-SF + 5V UBEC + Progcard: If you use the controller with motor that is not from Maytech, please choose this option, the motor can be programmable; Or if you use the ESC with maytech motor and you want to adjust parameters, you can choose this option. 

2. MT300A-OPTO-SF + 5V UBEC: If you use the ESC with Maytech motor and use default parameters, you can choose this option, we will adjust parameters before shipment. 

What is the Function of UBEC-75V DC-DC 5V Mudule?

It is to power the receiver, the ESC is not with BEC inside, so need this module to power your receiver, if you do not have the DC-DC power supply, please order the setup with UBEC-75V, otherwise your setup would not work. 

Application: Electric surfboard/efoil/foilboard/rc boat/jetski/jetfoil/flyboard/eelctric foil/waterboard/water jet/water jet propulsion/motorized surfboard/esurf/hydrofoil/surf foil/foil surf, etc.,

Maytech 300A esc electric speed controller for electric surfboard rc boat electric foil foilboards

MTSF300A-OPTO Watercooled 300A ESC speed controller for under water scooter drive propulsion system vehicle

MTSF300A-OPTO Watercooled 300A ESC speed controller for under water scooter drive propulsion system vehicleMTSF300A-OPTO Watercooled 300A ESC speed controller for under water scooter drive propulsion system vehicle

MTSF300A-OPTO Watercooled 300A ESC speed controller for under water scooter drive propulsion system vehicle75V-5V UBEC DC-DC Module for remote receiver PWM signal power supply for esurf efoil foilboard rc boat

Specification for Water Pump Set: 

Product Name

 Water Pump Set Water Pump MTWP30W
Voltage 12V Power  30W
Power Supply UBEC6.12 Power Supply Input Volt 18V-75V
Power Supply Output Volt 12V 2500mA Application Efoil, electric hydrofoil, esurf, rc boat, jetsurf, etc

Water Pump 12V DC-DC

Anti-spark Switch Specification: 

Model No.


Max Current


Max Voltage



96.5 x 56 x 25 (mm)

Switch Diameter


Switch Type

Use NMOS to realize switching on/off Power positive

Connector With 4pcs Cold-pressed Terminal Connector
Function Protect your controller and power supply system when brake or startup

First Switch that can cut off positive pole power in the market;

Switch comes with LED light indicator;
Shutdown current less than 1uA;
Suitable for load: three phase motor speed controller;
Boot soft start;
Automatic short circuit protection when boot;
Automatic short circuit protection when work.

Application Electric surfboard, efoil, foilboard, jetski, jetboard, jetsurf, motorized hydrofoil, motorcycle, fighting robots, lawnmower robot, Electric mountainboard, ATV, motor bike, etc., 

Maytech MTS2009AS 300A 80V Electronic Anti-spark Switch Battery Cutoff Switch with Short Circuit Protection for Electric Hydrofoil Efoil Surfboard

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