Maytech MTEP1006E 10x6 inch Plastic Propeller for Racing Drone RC Airplane

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Maytech design and manufactures electric standard propellers, reverse propellers, folding propellers, direct-drive propellers, and slow-fly propellers, etc. The pitch and airfoil transition of all prop blades are computer optimized to give them the highest possible efficiency across the widest range of applications. Computer Aided Manufacturing allows them to be precision made to very tight tolerances. They are constructed of Carbon reinforced material to achieve maximum stiffness and to avoid torsional distortion of the thin high performance shapes.
Model NO.: MTEP1006E Reverse&Standard
Length x Pitch (inch):10 x 6 inch
Hole Size: 8mm
Weight: 16g/pcs
  1. DCmotor propeller propeller
  2. Well balance in production line
  3. Light weight
  4. High strength
These blades are expendable parts. Before every flight, you should carefully examine them. If anything seems wrong even slight crashes or any contacts, stop using these blades. Please be responsible and carefully check with any steps and its equipments.
Maytech 10x6 inch propeller plastic for drone rc multicopter racing airplane light weight prop with adaptor
Maytech 10x6 plastic propeller adaptor for fix prop on drone quadcopter hexacopter plane function