Maytech Fully Waterproof Efoil Kits with MTI65162 Motor + 300A ESC + 1905WF Remote + Progcard

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SKU: MTI65162 (100KV)+1905WF+MTSF300A (No receiver)+Progcard+Free Propeller

Maytech Fully Waterproof Efoil Kits with MTI65162 Motor + 300A ESC + 1905WF Remote + Progcard


2 Options:

1. MTI65162 (100KV)+1905WF+MTSF300A (No Receiver)+Progcard+Free Propeller

2. MTI65162 (100KV)+1905WF+MTSF300A (Internal Receiver)+Progcard+Free Propeller

About the ESC receiver:

1) MTSF300A-OPTO-WP with Internal Receiver: Can only work with Maytech remote MTSKR1905WF, you can use the ESC directly, more convenient to use. 

2) MTSF300A-OPTO-WP No receiver: Can work with other receiver and remote, more flexible. 

Any questions please feel free to contact

Self Test Video: 65162 Motor + 300A ESC + 1905WF + Propeller

The kit includes: 

Click the pictures to check details:

1. MTI65162-100-SF Fully Waterproof Motor with Propeller:

Model No.  MTI65162-SF KV 100
Max Current 300A Input Volt 6-20S Lipo
Max Output Watt 9800W Max Torque 10N.m
Rated Power 8900W Propeller  7.5*7 inch
Propeller Material Alloy Aluminum  Idle Current  @8.4V No-load: 1.5A
Sensor Without  Motor Cable Length 1m
Motor Cable Connector  8WG AMASS Gold Plated Connector  Application Efoil/Hydrofoil/Esurf, etc.,

Maytech Fully Waterproof MTI65162 100/190KV Brushless Inrunner Motor for Electric Surfboard/Efoil/Jetski/Esk8
Maytech MTSP7507 7.5x7 inch Propeller for Electric Surfboard RC Boat Compitable to MTI65162, 85165 and 120116 Brushless Inrunner Motor

2. MTSF300A-WP Fully Waterproof ESC with Progcard, 2 Types

Model No. MTOSF300A-WP Cont Current 300A
Burst Current 1000A BEC Internal
Lipo Volt 6-14S Water-cooling With
Fully Waterproof Yes Receiver With/Without
Accessory Progcard Programmable  Yes

Maytech MTSF300A-OPTO-WP 100% waterproof Electric speed controller ESC for electric surfboard jetboard waterboard undersports with internal UBEC and receiver
Maytech Fully Waterproof 300 ESC with Water Cooling Internal UBEC With Receiver Speed Controller for Esurf/RC Boat

3. MTSKR1905WF V2 Fully Waterproof Remote:
Maytech fully waterproof remote with 2 layers nanometer coating multiple functions upgraded for Electric surfboard efoil foilsurf jetski rc boat

Advice for Usage:
1. To expand the products life, please better wipe off the waters on the products and keep them for all dry after everytime use. 
2. For this kit of the ESC, because the motor is sensorless, suggest to use the default value in the ESC, we have tested the kit before shipment with the default value, do not suggest to modify the values. 
If you have other requirement on motor KV, ESC or other questions, please contact us

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Maytech Efoil Kit Fully Waterproof 65162 Motor MTSKR1905WF remote with Watercooled 300A ESC


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