Kits for Esk8/Mountainboard/Robot

Electric Skateboard/mountainboard/Fighting Robots Comb

VESC Speed Controllers:

SUPERFOC6.8 50A VESC6.0 based VESC tool compatible Controller

MTVESC100A based on VESC4.12 hardware VESC tool compatible Controller 

MTSVESC6.0 200A VESC6.0 based VESC tool compatible Controller 

MTVESC6.12 200A VESC6.0 based VESC tool compatible Controller with anti-spark circuit

Brushless Outrunner Sesnored Motor:

5055/5065/5570/6355/6365/6374/6880/6396/8085 with 6mm/8mm/10mm shaft 

Open Cover and Sealed Cover Closed Cover, splash proof and dustproof 

Remote: MTSKR1712 Remote; MTSKR2005WF IP66 Waterproof Esk8 Remote

Truck: MTSKT310DB, MTMSKT1709FB Front and Rear Truck Set