Collection: Kits for Esk8/Mountainboard/Robot

Electric Skateboard/mountainboard/Fighting Robots Comb

VESCTOOL Compatible Speed Controllers:

SUPERFOC6.8 50A V6.0 based VESCtool compatible Controller

MTSPF7.5M based on V4 hardware VESCtool compatible Controller 

MTSPF6.0 200A V6.0 based VESCtool compatible Controller 

MTSPF7.12 200A V75_300 based VESCtool compatible Controller with anti-spark circuit

Brushless Outrunner Sesnored Motor:

5055/5065/5570/6355/6365/6374/6880/6396/8085 with 6mm/8mm/10mm shaft 

Open Cover and Sealed Cover Closed Cover, splash proof and dustproof 

Remote: MTSKR1712 Remote; MTSKR2005WF IP66 Waterproof Esk8 Remote

Truck: MTSKT310DB, MTMSKT1709FB Front and Rear Truck Set

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