In Stock Efoil Surfboard Kit 65162 Waterproof Motor + 300A 75V MTSPF7.5H + MTSKR1905WF Remote

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300A 400A 75V V75_300 based Watercooled Speed Controller + MTI65162 Fully Waterproof Motor + MTSKR1905WF IP67 Waterproof Remote + 300A 85V Anti-spark Switch + Water Pump Set for Efoil, Electric Hydrofoil High Voltage Electric Vehicles, etc.,

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How much voltage can be used for this kit? 
- The controller max voltage can be used is 75V, so this kit can use max to 85V voltage. 
  • Is water pump necessary?  

  - The controller is watercooled, not fully waterproof, so if you will use this for water sports like Efoil, surfboard, then please better order together with the water pump for cooling. 

  • Is anti-spark switch needed? 
    - Anti-spark switch function is to protect your battery and VESC systems from damaged by power surges when startup and power up, especially when use high voltage, so anti-spark switch is recommended. Our MTS2009AS anti-spark switch can also cut off positive pole power, save your battery power and more convenient to use. 
  • What applications can this kit be used to? 
    - Efoil, electric hydrofoil, electric boat, electric kayak, electric motorcycle, ev car, agv car, heavy duty cargo robots, electric water sports, counter current swimming machine, etc.,

-Motor: MTI65162-SF Inrunner Sensorless Waterproof Brushless Motor



-MTI65162 Waterproof Motor

Model No.: MTI65162-SF 
KV: 100
Shaft: Splined Shaft with propeller & Screw Shaft
Input Volt: 6-30S Lipo (25V-130V)
Max Current: 300A
Max Output Watt: 9800W
Max Torque: 10N.m
Motor Size: 65x162mm
Indle Current: @8.4V no load: 1.5A
Hall Sensor: Without
Waterproof: IP68 waterproof
Motor Type: BLDC inrunner motor
Motor Construction: 18N6P
Motor Connector: 8.0mm golden male connector

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-MTSPF7.5H 300A-400A 75V VESCTOOL Speed Controller

Model No.:  MTSPF7.5H
Cont Current: 300A-400A
Max Current: 1000A
Waterproof Rank: Non waterproof 
Watercooling: Yes, with 
Input Volt: 6-18S Lipo (25V-75V)
Based hardware: V75_300
VESC_TOOL Compatible: Yes
Signal Format: PWM (PPM), UART
Case Material: Alloy aluminum case
Connector: Cold-pressed Terminal Connector

High voltage 85V electric speed controller 300A max 1000A electric surfboard jetsurf jetski electric skateboard electric mountainboard

Ports definitions:
1.AUX port to supply 12V and 5V to external device;
2.PPM port to connect PPM transceivers;
3.CAN Port for CAN communication with other devices and VESC arrays;
4.Sensor port for motor Hall sensors (ABI, HALL, magnetic precision encoders);
5.SWD port to get direct access to the Chipset. Diagnostics, debugging, and real time data;
6.COMM port for various kinds of other communication methods like I2C, ADC, Uart,You can use your Arduino or Raspberry Pi to control the VESC!
7.USB port for programming.
High voltage 85V electric speed controller 300A max 1000A electric surfboard jetsurf jetski electric skateboard electric mountainboard

High voltage 85V electric speed controller 300A max 1000A electric surfboard jetsurf jetski electric skateboard electric mountainboard


-Remote: MTSKR1905WF IP67 Waterproof Remote for Esurf, with PWM & UART Receiver

Item MTSKR1905WF (V2)
Waterproof Rank IP67 Waterproof with 2 Layers Nanometers Coating
Control Mode Esk8/Esurf
Signal PWM (PPM)
PWM Signal Output Range:  1ms-2ms for throttle no brake in Esurf mode; 1.5ms-2ms for throttle, 1.5ms-1ms for brake in Esk8 mode. 
Double Source Power Supply Accept 5V power by ESC built in BEC or extra 5V power
UART Acceptable
Display Remote and battery power, signal strength, throttle and brake percentage, RPM, speed, mileage; Current, voltage, 
Firmware Updatable Yes
Control Pump Yes (Relay Switch)
Control Light Yes (Transistor Switch)
Set Safety Button Acceptable
Brake Button Yes
 Cruise Control Yes, in Esurf mode
Wireless Charging Yes
Accessories Charging Pad; Receiver; 3pcs Dupont Cables

maytech waterproof remote, MTSKR1905WF, IP67 waterproof, display screen, throttle trigger, speed control, cruise control, brake functin, wireless charging, electric surfboard, electric skateboard, mountainboard, elongboard
MTSKR1905WF V2 Maytech remote, waterproof remote, Esk8  remote, esurf remote, efoil remote, IP67 waterproof

-MTS2009AS Anti-spark Switch 300A 85V

Model No.


Max Current


Max Voltage



96.5 x 56 x 25 (mm)

Switch Diameter


Switch Type

Use NMOS to realize switching on/off Power positive

Connector With 4pcs Cold-pressed Terminal Connector
Function Protect your controller and power supply system when brake or startup

First Switch that can cut off positive pole power in the market;

Switch comes with LED light indicator;
Shutdown current less than 1uA;
Suitable for load: three phase motor speed controller;
Boot soft start;
Automatic short circuit protection when boot;
Automatic short circuit protection when work.

Application Electric surfboard, efoil, foilboard, jetski, jetboard, jetsurf, motorized hydrofoil, motorcycle, fighting robots, lawnmower robot, Electric mountainboard, ATV, motor bike, etc., 

Maytech 300A electric switch protection for electric skateboard elimanite sparks when connection high current high power switch antispark switch on and off switch

-Water Pump + DC-DC Power Supply System

water pump for electric surfboard esurf efoil jetski jetfoiler for electric efoiling 12V 30W water pump

40W DC-DC Converter Input 40-160V Output DC 48V Step Down Module UBEC
Feedback Videos on Efoil:

Advice after usage: 
1. To expand the products life, please better wipe off the waters on the products and keep them for all dry after everytime use. 
2. For this kit of the ESC, because the motor is sensorless, suggest to use the default value in the ESC, we have tested the kit before shipment with the default value, do not suggest to modify the values. 

If you have other requirement on motor KV, ESC or other questions, please contact us