20pcs Progcard-FP32 32bit Falcon Pro ESC Progcard for Maytech 32bit Firmware ESC Speed Controller

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Progcard-FP32 32bit Progcard for Maytech 32bit Firmware ESC Speed Controller 

Compatible to following ESC:










Falcon-Pro 32bit controllers are specially used for RC airplanes. 32bit mcu are used, enable the controllers have faster and more smooth throttle response than standard controllers.

prog card programmable FP32 BLHeli 32bit firmware speed controller for rc airplane/helicopter

Main features:

  1. Excellent startup performance, great throttle linear and quick throttle response, excellent low-speed performance.
  2. Separate voltage regulator IC for MCU (Micro Controller Unit), high capability of anti-interference.
  3. Low-voltage protection, block-rotation protection and signal lose protection, etc. All these functions can effectively prolong ESC service life.
  4. Programmable by Trx or by a Maytech programming card (optional). Program-Card has a simple and visual surface to conveniently change parameters at any time anywhere.
  5. Safe start-up. The motor won’t be started no matter which position the throttle stick is on when battery connected.
  6. Motor rotating direction can be changed by exchanging two of three wires from ESC or setting by the Program-Card.