How to Connect Encoder to VESC witout Remove Pull-up Resistor?

How to Connect Encoder to VESC witout Remove Pull-up Resistor?

What is encoder? 

An encoder is a device that complies and converts a signal or data into a signal from that can be used for communication, transmission and storage. 

What applications can use an encoder? 

Encoder is widely used in cut-to-length applications, plotters, robotics, packaging, conveying, automation, sorting, filling, imaging, etc., 

How to connect encoder to Maytech VESC? 

Here take AS5047P magnetic encoder as example, usually to encoder need to remove pull-up resistor, here's a way that no need to remove pull-up resistor, connect "5V, GND, PWM, V, U" on encoder to VESC hall sensor port. 

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