What is Foil Assist?

What is Foil Assist?

Foil Assist system is a retro-fit electric assistance kit for your existing foil board, hydrofoil board, to turn your non-electric board to electric, it can be used on SUP foil surfing, Down winding, and light condition wing dinging, wind foil, kite foil, sup board, etc., So when there's wind, wave smalland you stil want to surf, foil assist system could be a good option

The what is the difference from Efoil? 

Efoil is flat-water system, it is much heavier and cost is much higher, speed is faster, mainly ride on flat-water. 

Foil assit system can be used on different application, to turn your non-electric foil to electric with lower power motor and battery, lighter weight, minimalistic, less cost, but as use smaller motor and battery, speed is less. 

You can choose the suitable system you need. 

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Foil Assist Kit: 6374 Motor + 100A VESC + MTSKR1905WF Remote

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