In Stock Bluetooth Module for VESCTOOL Compatible Speed Controller based on V6 / V4.12 / V75_300 Hardware Based

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Bluetooth Module for VESCTOOL Compatible Controller based on V6/ V4/ V75_300 2.4GHZ VESCTOOL Compatible


Application: Electric skateboard, electric longboard, motorized mountainboard 

Diaplay: Voltage, current, temperature , etc.,


Model No.: MTBLEV1

Compatible Controller Hardware: V4 / V6 / V75 based SuperESC 

Compatible Software: VESCTOOL App

Frequency: 2.4Ghz

ARM Processor: ARM Cortex-M0 32 bit processor
256kB flash&16kB RAM

PCB Size: 41mm x 21mm

Net Weight: 5g

Antenna Length: 90mm


Please noted: 

Actual product you receive might be a little different from the picture, please subject to the actual product you receive. 

Bluetooth Module 2.4G Wireless Based upon the nrf51_vesc project

bluetooth module for electric skateboard elongboard mountainboard efoil surfboard

Default connector on the bluetooth module is 8pin 2.0mm pitch, we match a 7pin 2.0mm pitch connector in the package, you can change on your own if your VESC is 7pin 2.0mm pitch port. 

1. The bluetooth is developed for communication between controller and VESCTOOL via BLE, to display parameters on mobile phone, so you can monitor real time parameters on app easily. 

2. Motor current, duty cycle, ERPM, motor power, motor temperature, battery voltage, battery current, MOS temperature, charging current, charging power, etc., are able to display through the bluetooth module. 

3. You can adjust parameters for motor settings, Including General, BLDC, FOC, PID controllers, etc informations. 

4. It supports VESCTOOL Compatible controller based on V4, V6.0, V75_300 hardware, please choose the correct hardware version of your controller, we will match compatible cable for you. 

5. Firmware is updatable. 

Bluetooth module for electric skateboard, elongboared , mountainboard on App display current, temperature, power, voltageBluetooth module for electric skateboard, elongboared , mountainboard on App display current, temperature, power, voltage


VESCTOOL Compatible Speed Controllers: 

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