Maytech New V5 Bluetooth Module Upgrade Function !

Maytech New V5 Bluetooth Module Upgrade Function !

Maytech new bluetooth module MTBLEV5, upgrade function that can support to connect receiver and VESC UART port at the same time, without plug and unplug connections, you can switch commucation between receiver and bluetooth automatically, so if you want to temporarily stop to change or monitor some values while riding or surfing, you don't need to manually plug the bluetooth module, with Maytech V5 MTBLEV5 it's easy and convenient !

Check below video to see how it works: 


How to connect the bluetooth module to VESC and receiver? 

If you order MTBLEV5 bluetooth module, we will match you 2 cables that can work with Maytech receiver. For cables connect to VESC, Maytech VESC has 3 different sockets on VESC UART port, if you order the bluetooth module together with our VESC, we will match you compatible socket, if you order the blueooth module seperately and use Maytech VESC, please leave message for the VESC model you use, we will match compatible socket for you, otherwise we will match standard socket. 

Maytech V5 MTBLEV5 bluetooth module for V4 V6 V75/300 VESC speed controller VESCTOOL automatically switch communucation smart bluetooth module



It supports to work with android and IOS system, and can work with V4, V6 and V75_300 hardware based VESC controllers. 

Maytech VESCs: 

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