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Brushless 11270 Outrunner Watercooled Motor 12.5KW Sensorless

Brushless 11270 Outrunner Watercooled Motor 12.5KW Sensorless

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Maytech MTO11270 Outrunner Sensorless Motor with Water-cooling 12.5KW Powerful Engine for Fighting Robots/Electric Skateboard/RC Car/Electric Surfboard/Efoil/RC Boat



Model No. MTO11270-180-SF KV 180 (Max)
Type Outrunner Sensor Without
Max Current 430A Input Volt 8-12S Lipo
Max Output Watt 12.5KW Max Pull 15N.m
Shaft 12mm Motor Size 112*70mm

The motor is not in stock, production time 40-50 days. 

KV and sensor can be fighting robots, DIY fire fighting robot, DIY fighting robots,  fighting robot, fighting robots, robot, robots, sumo fighting robots, Minibot battle,  Robot fight, robot fighting,  robot wars, war robots, BattleBots, Battle robots, robot battle, Robot combat, Giant Fighting Robots, Giant robot fight,


Motor Size: 

Giant robot, Giant Mech Battle, robotic combat and competition, robotic competition, competition robotics,  Robots fight, Robots fighting, Robotic Combat Competition, Robot battles, Combat robotics, Robot weapon,  110kg Weight class, 15kg Weight class, radio control,  Robotics combat,  DIY Robotic Kits, Fighting Robot Kits, Robot Kits, Lightweight Combat Robot Kit, Battlekit, Mini-Sumo Robot Kit, Vertical Spinner robots, heavyweight Robot Wars fighting machine, battle robot kit, rc robot battle, robot war, heavyweight robots, featherweight robots,


Notice before order:

1. This motor is not stock item, production needs at least 75-90 days, we will arrange production after your order confirmed. 

2. Motor wire leads out position is specific, if wind one more circle or one less circle, the KV would differ much, hard to make exact KV, so each motor might has ±5%-10% tolerance, this is normal.

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Motor Drawing:

security monitoring robots, robots for security and safety monitoring in harsh terrain,  agile robots, autonomous agile robots,  security robots, autonomously monitor security, autonomous security robots,  outdoor autonomous security robot, Security Patrol Robot, Off-road and all-terrain Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV), monitoring robots, security robots, robotics, electric robots, remote control robotics, wakiling robots, delivery robots, robots electric system for KOB, compition robots, agricultural robots,  cable camera,


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Brushless 11270 Outrunner Watercooled Motor 12.5KW Sensorless
Brushless 11270 Outrunner Watercooled Motor 12.5KW Sensorless
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