Maytech Electric Skateboard Kit with MTSKT310DB Front & Rear Truck + 2pcs 5065 Sealed/ Unsealed Motor + 2x MTSKPS2005 Pulley Belt System

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Maytech Electric Skateboard Kit with MTSKT310DB Front & Rear Truck + 2pcs 5065 Sealed/ Unsealed Motor + 2x MTSKPS2005 Pulley Belt System

The kit include below products: 

1x MTSKT310DB: Front and Rear Truck set dual motor drive truck with 2pcs motor mount and screws

2x MTO5065-170-HA-C / MTO5065-220-HA: Sealed 170KV 5065 motor / Unsealed 220KV 5065 Motor

2x MTSKPS2005: Pulley belt system with wheel pulley, motor pulley, belt


Noted Please: 

The kit is not assembled, products shipped in one package seperately, you ned to assemble on your side. 


1. MTSKT310DB Dual belt-driven Skateboard Trucks Rear and Front trucks with two motor mounts Truck size: 12inch Frame materials: 356-T6 alloy aluminum alloy Weight: 760g/pcs for back truck, 700g/pcs for front truck Suitable for 5055/5065/6355/6365/6374 motors


New Gravity Casting Technology: 1). Aluminum liquid flow into truck mould by liquid's weight naturally, this way can delete mould's inside air clearly. 2). do heat treatment after demoulding (truck surface is a little rough because of heat treatment). Prouction time is longer than old die casting technology, and the production cost is twice than before. 3).  Hardness reached out HRB65 around, which can stand over 150kg weight for professional skateboarders.


2. Pulleys and Belt Kits (2sets) MTSKPS2005 Belt HTD5M-255, width 15mm; Motor pulley 14T, 5mm pitch, width 16mm;  Wheel pulley 36T, 5mm pitch, width 16mm.

Maytech MTSKPS2005 Pulley Belt Comb with 36T 5M Wheel Pulley with Ball Bearing 14T 5M Motor Pulley 51T 5M HTD255 Belt for Electric Skateboard/Elongboard

maytech 5065 motor brushless outrunner sensored electric skateboard elongboard fighting robots mountainboard sensored motor

Maytech Brushless 5065 70/170/220KV Closed Cover Sensored IP54 Waterproof Motor For Esk8/E-scooter

Maytech Brushless 5065 70/220KV Open Cover Outrunner Sensored Motor for Esk8/E-bike/Robotics

Stock Notice Before Place Order:

1. The motor is stock item, but stock is limited, so please confirm your order asap, or please contact us to check stock first if you need very urgently.

2. Shipping time is about 24 working hours after your order confirmed if the product you ordered is in stock, if not in stock, lead time is about 30-40 days.

3. Motor wire leads out position is specific, if wind one more circle or one less circle, the KV would differ much, hard to make exact KV, so each motor might has ±5%-10% tolerance, this is normal.

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