Maytech 6374/6880/8085 Brushless Motor + 200A VESC6.0 Based Speed Controller Kit

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Maytech Electric Skateboard Kit with VESC, BLDC Motor, Anti-spark Switch, 6 different kit. 

Kit 1:

  • MTSVESC6.0 x1pcs speed controller 
  • MTO6374-170-HA-C x1pcs 8mm shaft outrunner brushless dc motor

Kit 2:

  • MTSVESC6.0 x1pcs speed controller 
  • MTO6374-170-HA-C2 x1pcs 10mm shaft bldc motor

Kit 3:

  • MTSVESC6.0 x1pcs speed controller 
  • MTO6880-190-HA-C3 x1pcs 10mm shaft outrunner brushless hall sensored motor

Kit 4: 

  • MTSVESC6.0 x1pcs
  • MTO8085-160-HA-C x1pcs 12mm shaft 5330W high power motor

Kit 5: 

  • MTSVESC6.0 x1pcs speed controller 
  • MTBR1812 x1pcs Rheostatic Brake
  • MTS1810AS x1pcs Anti-spark Switch

Kit 6: 

  • MTVESC50A x1pcs speed controller 
  • MTBR1812 x1pcs Rheostatic Brake
  • MTS1810AS x1pcs Anti-spark Switch

1. Maytech electric Benjamin Vedder Super ESC speed controller 200A VESC6.0 based controller:


Maytech 200A VESC6.0 based on electric speed controller for electric skateboard, all terrain offroad board, longboard, mountainboard, esurf, efoil, hydropfoil, fighting robots super VESC


2. Maytech 6374 170KV Brushless Hall Sensored DC Motor with Black Sealed Cover

Maytech BLDC motor for electric skateboard e-skateboard e-longboard mountainboard all terrain offroad boards

fighting robots combat robot motor engine 6374 kv customized sealed cover dust-proof and waterproof generator

3. Maytech 6880 190KV 10mm Shaft BLDC Motor for E-skateboard Longboard KV Customized Powerful Motor.

Maytech black sealed cover 10mm shaft brushless dc motor for electrical brushless motor sensored high power high efficiency for fire fighting robots, mountainboard all terrain offroad boards

4. Maytech 8085 160KV 5330W 12mm Shaft Brushless DC Motor for Eletric Mountainboard All Terrain Offroad Boards.

Maytech 8085 160KV outrunner brushless motor black closed cover dust-proof water-proof for eletric skateboard mountainboard robots electric surfboard efoil hydrofoil flyboard

5. Maytech VESC50A Benjamin Vedder Electric Speed Controller

Maytech VESC50A speed controller for electric skateboard fighting robots e-mountainboard

5. Maytech Anti-spark Switch

electric skateboard speed controller anti-spark switch e-skateboard longboard hoverboard mountainboard offroad boards

6. Maytech Rheostatic Brake

Maytech rheostatic brake for elelctric skateboard speed controller VESC super esc brushless motor sensored motor engine generator