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In Stock Maytech Electric Skateboard Splashproof Remote Control MTSKR2005WF IP66 2.4GHZ

In Stock Maytech Electric Skateboard Splashproof Remote Control MTSKR2005WF IP66 2.4GHZ

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Maytech MTSKR2005WF IP66 Splashproof Esk8 Remote Electric Skateboard Elongboard Hand Remote with 3 Speed Modes

Notice:  ​
This remote is splashproof, can only use for electric skateboard, mountainboard, elongboard, please do not use for any water sports, otherwise all consequences are at your own risk. 

If you want to use for water sports, then please order our MTSKR1905WF IP67 waterproof remote Here>


Model No. MTSKR2005WF (MTSKR20WFV2)
Waterproof Rank IP66 splashproof
Speed Display Yes
Throttle and brake  Display ±100%
Speed Mode

3 speed modes, each mode can adjust speed from 1%-100% throttle


QC 2.0 wireless 

Display Screen

OLED yellow & blue screen

Throttle and Brake Signal Output Range

1.5ms-2ms for throttle;

1.5ms-1ms for brake

Voltage Display

Remote & main battery voltage level (lithium iron; lithium ion battery optional)

Telemeter Data by Receiver

Motor RPM; main battery voltage

Telemeter Data by VESC ESC voltage/ current/ temp; Motor temp/ RPM
Triggers 2x high senstive triggers
Wireless Frequency 2.4GHz wireless with 40 channels
VESC Control Mode Duty Cycle/ Current Mode
Travel Mileage Yes
Receiver Built-in Switch for Esk8 Light / Esurf Water Pump

1x 30V 3A mechanical relay switch; 

1x 20V 2A transistor electronic switch

Accessories Wireless charging pad; receiver; 3pcs dupont cable
Compatible ESCs VESCTOOL/ Focbox/ Other PWM ESCs that has same signal output range with the remote
Application Only for Electric skateboard, elongboard, mountainboard 


1. Display speed (km/h or mph) in Esk8 mode (for electric skateboard)
2. Display voltage in V, current, temperature when work with VESC based controller
3. Display RPM (by 3 ways, hall sensor, VESC, motor wire)

> Get Manual: Remote Manual and Instruction

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If your surrounded has strong magnetic interference, the signal might easy get lost, suggest you order the version with 1m or 3m Extend Antenna Here >

Tips for Usage:
1. This remote only has Esk8 mode, and it's just normal waterproof, can only work for electric skateboard, please do not use for Esurf.
2. The receiver is not waterproof, please keep the receiver away from water, otherwise the receiver would easy to have short circuit problem.
3. Please attention when weld wire on the receiver or when using, each 2 pins do not touch each other, otherwise would easy to burn the receiver.
Go to the following Youtube Links to check the remote instruction videos:
1. 3 Speed Mode Setting
2. Remote Main Battery Display Setting:
3. Sub-menu 7-14 Settings:
Wiring Diagram with VESC: 
t the ports according to the functions you need, no need to connect all ports. 

wiring diagram for MTSKR2005WF remote and VESC controller, vesc speed controller, benjamin vedder controller, waterproof remote, esk8 remote, elongboard remote

1. PWM_T, +5V, GND (Receiver) - PWM, +5V, GND (VESC): Remote and VESC communication;
2. BAT(Receiver) - Positive Pole (Main Battery): Display main battery bar;
3. Receiver TX & RX cross connect with VESC RX & TX: UART, can display speed and distance, also voltage, current, temperature values
4. Relay Switch: To control Pump
5. Transistor Switch: To control light
6. Any of the three hall wires to Hall port: Display speed and distance
7. Any of the three motor wires to MOT port: Display speed and distance.
Above shows 3 ways to display speed and distance, you can choose one way for connection if you need this function.
Above functions also need to combine with your settings in remote, just check manual and instruction.

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MTSKR2005WF with Original Antenna
MTSKR2005WF with Original Antenna
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With 1m Extend Antenna
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With 3m Extend Antenna
With 3m Extend Antenna
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Receiver (Receiver stock will be ready in late March or early April)
Receiver (Receiver stock will be ready in late March or early April)
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Remote Only (No Accessories)
Remote Only (No Accessories)
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