Kits and parts for Efoil/ Esurf/ Electric Boat


Esurf/ Efoil/ Boat/ Motorcycle Kits: Max 14S Lipo Working Voltage

Motor: 65162, 85165, 120116 Motor

ESC: 14S Lipo Volt ESCs: MTSF300A-WP, MTSF300A-OPTO, MTSF500A-WP

VESC: MTSPF7.5HK 300A VESC, max 75V watercooled and waterproof version

Remote: MTSKR1905WF

Anti-spark Switch: MTS2009AS

Water Pump: 12V 30W Water Pump

Application: electric surfboard, underwater drone, electric hydrofoil, Underwater Propulsion Scooter, efoil, jetski, jetfoiler, motorcycle, RC Boat, foil drive assis system, catamaran, electridc boat, Jetboard, outboard, etc.,