Maytech 2.4GHz remote controller MTSKR1712 Small and Light Hand Remote

$49.90 Regular price $99.90

Maytec 2.4GHz wireless hand remote controller, including receiver.

This remote controller was upgraded in September 2018, and the signal interference problem was solved. It has the best price performance. 


4GHz two-way communication, 80 channels, automatic FM anti-interference.

32bit ID code, very low probability of re-code.

Built-in lithium battery, charge battery via USB port

3 LED lights to show battery voltage, red LED will flash when voltage is low.

Strong, and resist cracks.

High and low speed can be easily switches.

With function of acceleration and brakes, forward and backward .

Auto throttle calibration when switch on.

Alarm when remote control and receiver loss signal

When signal loss 5 minutes, remote will automatically shut down.

Match-code memory function, remote control and receiver has fast connection when power on.

 Maytec 2.4GHz wireless hand remote controller