Fully Waterproof MTI65162 100/190KV Brushless Inrunner Motor for Electric Surfboard/Efoil/Jetski/Esk8

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Maytech New Designed Fully Waterproof Inrunner Motor Released with Efoil Testing. 

Customer Test Video on Efoil:

As the weather getting hotter, and more and more responses for electric surfboard, Maytech team has released its fully waterproof inrunner motor MTI65162, size 65.5mm*161.5mm (as following picture), with black appearance, 12mm size shaft.

maytech inrunner brushless motor with 12mm shaft size 100% waterproof dc motor esurf underwater sports


For customers convenience, we made suitable propeller to match with this motor, motor shaft is customized and cable length customized. 

maytech MTI65162 100KV inrunner motor with 0504 propeller for electric surfboard efoil electric hydrofoil

Maytech electric propeller alloy aluminum material suitable for MTI65162 brushless inrunner motor efoil surfboard

Maytech Self Testing: MTI65162-100-SF+MTSP0504 Prop+300A ESC+1905WF Remote:


How to Ensure Its Waterproof Performance:

To make sure its waterproof, every joint surface of the motor exterior parts, including top/bottom cover and motor case are seamless structures, wiring port and wiring terminals, a static sealing mechanism is arranged between the joint surface of the fastening bolt and the bolt hole, and a dynamic sealing mechanism is arranged between the motor shaft and the shaft hole.

The components on the outer surface of the motor are made of corrosion-resistant materials or are provided with an anti-corrosion layer. Since the gaps or passages that may exist inside and outside the waterproof motor are blocked by the sealing mechanism, a reliable waterproof effect can be obtained, and even if the water is poured for a long time, the water will be fully blocked inside water, and the short circuit failure occurs. 

maytech waterproof inrunner brushless motor how the MTI65162 waterproof closed cover and seamless structures

To make sure the waterproof, we've tested the motor underwater for over 12 hours before released:

And we recorded some test data as following:

maytech waterproof motor waterproof test data underwater 9100W racing boat powerful engine

Motor Production

maytech brushless inrunner fully waterproof motor black big engine for efoil foilsurf surfboard motor case production logo can be customized

mti65162 electric surfboard Efoil brushless motor big engine for rc boat, electric car waterboard jetsurf

fully waterproof test underwater test for the MTI65162 motor for electric surfboard hydrofoil

MTI65162 motor dynamic balance test and compresive kv, parameter and function tests

MTI65162 brushless inrunner motor final look with 180mm propeller 3 blades alloy aluminum material

2 Versions: Sensored and Sensorless

To meet different customers requirements, we designed one version with hall sensor, one version without hall sensor. 

The sensored version can not only be used underwater but also can be used on electric skateboard, fighting robots, electric cars, etc.,

MT65162-190-SF-HA Sensored:
maytech hall sensored brushless motor 65162 inrunner 9100W 9N.m powerful waterproof enginer for efoil
Motor Specs:
maytech 65162 motor high power engine electric foil motored surfboard jet board jet surf water board waterproofed engine

Motor Drawing:

maytech brushless motor drawing inrunner guaranteed waterproofing


1) MTI65162-190-SF-HA: Sensored 190KV;

2) MTI65162-195-SF: Sensorless 195KV 1m cable;

3) MTI65162-120-SF: Sensorless 120KV 1m cable;

4) MTI65162-140-SF: Sensorless 140KV 1m cable;

5) MTI65162-100-SF: Sensorless 100KV 1m cable;

6) MTI65162-100-SF + MTSP0504: Sensorless 100KV with customized shaft to match with MTSP0504 propeller, motor cable 1 meter. 


Flier ESCs are not compatible to all Maytech motors, recommend to use our 300A ESC as following recommend products. 

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