【In Stock No Price Increase】Maytech New 72V 100A VESC Controller MTSVESC7.5R Round VESC based on VESC 75_300 Hardware for Electric Skateboard Longboard

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Maytech New 75V 100A VESC Controller MTSVESC7.5R Round VESC based on VESC 75_300 Hardware for Electric Skateboard Longboard/ Camera Motorized Dolly / Smart Robot Lawnmower/ Fighting Robots


Model No. MTSVESC7.5R Cont. Current

11-50V 100A

51-72V 50A

Burst Current

11-50V 200A

51-72V 100A

Input Voltage 72V
Hardware Based on VESC 75_300 Firmware  Updatable 
Software VESC_TOOL Compatible FOC  Yes, can work 

Round Shape

88mm diameter * 22mm height

Compatible Motor Sensored / Sensorless Motor


This VESC is not include with heat sink, please add heat sink or cooling fin on your own for heat dissipation. 

If you have any question, please contact us at agnes@maytech.cn 

50A 72V high voltage round shape VESC speed controller electric longboard skateboard mountainboard Benjamin Vedder controller SUPER ESC
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Attention Points when you receive the VESC Please:

All products had been double checked and tested one by one before shipment, only if the products are working normally would be shipped out. 

  • When you receive the VESC, please test without load and do not connect motor, first check if the VESC can successfully connect to your computer, if ok, then connect to motor and you can start to adjust parameters.
  • Do not use switching power supply, the instant voltage when switching power supply connect to VESC is very high, which would easy damage the VESC.
  • Do not push the throttle too hard when test without load, gently and slowly speed up.
  • Be cautious when adjust parameters, if parameters set mistake, would also easy damage the VESC.
  • Please must remember to change to corresponding modes when you adjust parameters, for example, the VESC default mode is BLDC mode, but if you want to detect FOC mode and adjusted FOC parameters, at this time if mode in VESC_TOOL didn't change to FOC mode, then when you push throttle, would easy burn the VESC, same as FOC mode.
  • In FOC mode, ERPM suggest to control in 30000-40000; In BLDC moed, ERPM suggest to control in 50000-60000, otherwise driver IC would easy to be damaged. ERPM= motor pole pairs number * KV * Voltage 
    ERPM= motor pole pairs number * KV * Voltage
  • If you use UART port, the wire better do not over 0.5m or even shorter, and better use Stranded wire.
  • For V4 based VESC:

          Do not suggest to use FOC mode, suggest to use BLDC mode. 
          If need to use FOC mode, then must use voltage under 20V.

  • The above are only suggestions based on the experience of our engineers. how to actually operate is up to you. Parameters for different setup is also different, please noted

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