Brushless 70mm Hub Motor 60KV Sensored

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Maytech Brushless 70mm 60/100KV Outrunner Sensored Hub Motor MTO7052HBM for Electric Skateboard/E-bike Splash Waterproof

Maytech brushless outrunner hall sensor hub motor are specially designed for electric skateboard. They come with low KV, high torque and efficiency.  All parts are made of a high-precision CNC machining center, and all surfaces are made with oxidation treatment. High temperature and high purity oxygen-free copper wires were used. The motors use high-grade magnets and 0.2 mm lamination to improve efficiency.
The hall-effect sensors inside tracks the motor’s position. This information permits the controller to alternate power with the right timing and in the right sequence and, voila, it spins.

Better efficiency means you get more mechanical energy per unit of power,

After a lot of development we have put together what we know works best for an electric skateboard motor and made it small and compact.

PU color: Red

A Hub-Motor (Motor IN-Wheel, IN-Wheel-Motor) powered electric skateboard represents the pinnacle of electric skateboard engineering for the ultimate in light weight performance. Especially when the battery pack is hidden in the deck, making the electric longboard appear like an ordinary longboard.

Advantages of Hub Motors (IN-wheel motor)

  1. Less drag so less friction: Because there are no belts, the power output of the motor is the power the wheels will receive. No gearing ratios through belts to slow down the motor’s rotation.
  2. You cannot buy Happiness, but you can buy an electric skateboard with a hub motor
  3. Hub motors are helluva fun!
  4. A Hub Motor makes you feel strong and safe, we “call it the Popeye-effect”
  5. Hub motors are near-silent in operation and stealthy in their appearance
  6. Hub motors are simple to install
  7. With a hub motor, you can easily convert almost any vehicle (bike, car, skateboard) to an electric vehicle (e-bike, e-car, e-skateboard)
  8. Hub motors are easy to swap out if worn out or blown
  9. Hub motors are easy to upgrade, and resellelling the old one for other purposes is easy
  10. Hub motors are readily available for any type of application
  11. Hub motors have only few moving parts
  12. Hub motors are fairly reliable, they are long enough on the market and are standardized
  13. Ride with a hub motor, and you’ll confuse the people, who don’t immediately realize that you have a motor driven vehicle
Model No
Idle Current
Max Current
Inpur Voltage
24-36V Internal Resistance
Max Pull
Hole Size

 The motor will be tested strictly before shipment, please check once you received the motor and contact us soon if there's any problem. 


1. Please check the mannual as following before use the motor. 

1). Because the ratio of N and P number is special, hall sensor can not be detected in BLDC mode. It can run without hall sensor in BLDC mode. 

Recommend to use BLDC sensorless or FOC sensored. 

 2). VESC FOC sensored&sensorless modes can work with this motor. Automatic FOC detection parameter λ=100 or >9 is wrong as following picture shows.

maytech brushless outrunner sensored hub motor 70mm hub motor for electric skateboard longboard ebike e-scooter

If λ=100mwb is written in VESC, the motor will stall when rotating and generate severe fever and may damage motor.

Please follow below instructions:

  • Voltage should be over 24V. For less than 24V voltage, please adjust according to “2.2”;
  • Set FOC detection I value to 3-5A manually (The FOC test current of VESC_TOOL is 10A or 20A by default. Do not use the default value. It must be manually changed to 5A if voltage is 24V or more than 24V; to 3A if voltage is less than 24V).
  • ω should be set to 1000-3000 ERPM/s to ensure the detected λ in the range of 7-9 mwb.

3). The approximate parameters detected are as follow:

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Pay attention to this λ. This is very important. If it is not between 7-9mWb, the motor will get stuck after turning. So please increase the input voltage and adjust the value of ω as much as possible, so that λ can fall into the normal range.


4). Simple and rude method, fill in the data frame directly according to the data below!

OEM skateboard, eboard, electric skateboard propulsion configuration, motorcycle, torqueboards, heat pump control board, advanced electric skateboard , 100% Eco-Friendly, Wireless Control, Rapid Charging, All Terrain, direct drive electric skateboard , speed boards, cruiser board, hybrid board, electric skateboarding , electric skate, hybrid skateboarding, commercial belt driven boards, wood skateboard, Synthetic, compound, belt-driven motor skateboard, hub motor drived skateboard,  Hill climb skateboard, powerful skateboard, Electric motorcycle, parking system,  ROV, printing device, drone, multi-copter,  multi-rotor, helicopter, airplace, rc fight, rc airplane, rc drone, rc car,

2. The motor has 2 types appearance loook, will be shipped randomly, please subject to the one you received. 

Type 1: 




Type 2: 


We welcome OEM orders, KV value, motor color, logo all can be customized. If you need drawing, pls contact us Maytech at  for more details.

Notice before order:

1. The motor is stock item, but stock is limited, so please confirm your order asap.
2. Shipping time is about 24 working hours after your order confirmed if the product you ordered is in stock, if not in stock, lead time is about 30-40 days.
3. If you need the product very urgent, please contact us to check stock first.
4. Motor wire leads out position is specific, if wind one more circle or one less circle, the KV would differ much, hard to make exact KV, so each motor might has ±10%-20% tolerance. 

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