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New Marine 41kg Thrust Waterproof Efoil Kit 6579 Motor + 160A ESC + V3.0 Remote for Esurf Electric Kayak Thruster

New Marine 41kg Thrust Waterproof Efoil Kit 6579 Motor + 160A ESC + V3.0 Remote for Esurf Electric Kayak Thruster

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Efoil, electric surfboard, underwater scooter, ROV, underwater theruster, electric propulsion, foil assist, electric sup board, paddle assist, downwind foil, winch foil, electric tow boogie, underwater cleaning robot, boat cleaner, countercurrent swimming machine, electric tender yachts, Infatable boat

>Check Test Datasheet with Stainless Steel Propeller Max 41kg Thrust

>Check Test Datasheet with Plastic Propeller Max 28kg Thrust

>How to Install Prop on Motor ?

>Check Underwater Test Video

1. 6579 110KV Waterproof Motor

Model No MTO6579-110-WPC
KV 110KV
Idle Current 1A
Max Current 160A 
Rated Current 150A
Input Voltage 20-90v
Max Output Watt 7.5KW
Shaft No output shaft
Hall Sensor Without
Waterproof Rank IPX8
Cable Length 1m 
Cable Guage 3x 10AWG
Connector 8.0mm Male bullet connector
Bearing Ceramic bearing
Customize KV, logo, shaft, mounting hole pattern, color, connector, cable, etc. contact

2. MTSF160A-WP32 160A 32Bit IP68 Waterproof ESC:

Model No. MTSF160A-WP32
Waterproof Rank IP68
Cont Current 160A
Peak Current 180A
Input Voltage 6-14S Lipo (24V-58.8V)
BEC With 5.5V/2A BEC

With 3x 8.0mm female bullet connector on motor cable side

No connector on battery cable side

MCU 32BIT Micropprocessor

Maytech new 130A waterproof ESC for foil drive assist kit

3. MTSKR1905WF V3.0 IP67 waterproof remote

Model No MTSKR1905WF V3.0
Waterproof Rank IP67 double waterproof
Thr Mode ESURF (SF) and ESK8 (SK)
3 Speed Modes With, adjust throttle % from 20-100%
Power Modes 2 levels, Eco (Level 1) < Pro (Level 2)
Throttle Lock Yes, 10-30S optional
Signal Format Support Standard PWM (PPM) and UART, output range from 10%-20%, which correspond to ESC/VESCTOOL Compatible controller throttle output range from 0%-100%. 
PWM Signal Output Range 1ms-2ms for throttle no brake in Esurf mode; 1.5ms-2ms for throttle, 1.5ms-1ms for brake in Esk8 mode. 
Double Source Power Supply Accept 5V power by ESC built-in BEC or extra 5V power
Output Signal Max 3.3V
Display Parameters

Signal strength, remote and battery power bars, battery voltage, RPM with VESC and other ESCs

Control Pump Yes (Relay Switch)
Control Light Yes (Transistor Switch)
Safety Button Support
Cruise Control With in Esurf Mode
Brake With in Esk8 Mode
Accessories Wirelss charging pad / Receiver / USB cable / Wristband / 3pcs Dupond cable
Compatible Controllers VESC/ Focbox/ Other PWM ESCs that has same signal output range with the remote. 
Application foil assist system, electric propulsion, underwater thruster, electric outboard, Esurf, Efoil, electric hydrofoil, electric surfboard, electric skateboard/ elongboard/ mountainboard, electric paraglider, etc.,

> Get E-Manual: Remote Manual and Instruction

> Check Video Using Instruction

Click Here: How to Display Volt, Current, RPM with TX and RX? 

Fully waterproof remote for electric skateboard/longboard/robotics/walking robotics/airplane/Esk8/mountainboard/all terrain offroad skateboard/Esurf/Eskate/Efoil/Foilsurf/jetboard/jetski/hydrofoil

Fully waterproof remote for electric skateboard/longboard/robotics/walking robotics/airplane/Esk8/mountainboard/all terrain offroad skateboard/Esurf/Eskate/Efoil/Foilsurf/jetboard/jetski/hydrofoilMTSKR1905WF V2 Maytech remote, waterproof remote, Esk8  remote, esurf remote, efoil remote, IP67 waterproof

4. Customer's Feedbacks !

Customer feedback for Maytech foil assist kit 6374 150KV waterproof motor foil assist motor DIY foil drive alternative

Stock Notice Before Place Order:

1. The motor 150KV is in limited stock,  so please confirm your order asap, or please contact us to check stock first if you need very urgently.
KV can be customized, if you want to customize, we can do for you, please contact us for the KV you want. 

2. Shipping time is about 24 working hours after your order confirmed for stock item, if not in stock, lead time is about 30-40 days.

3. Motor wire leads out position is specific, if wind one more circle or one less circle, the KV would differ much, hard to make exact KV, so each motor might has ±5%-10% tolerance, this is normal.


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