MTSVESC6.0 based 200A Speed Controller with Anti-spark Switch for Esk8/Mountainboard/Robotics

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Maytech 200A VESC6-based Speed Controller with Anti-spark Switch for Electric Skateboard Mountainbaord

Model No.: MTSVESC6.0

With high quality aluminum case, better heat dissipation

Dust‐proof and  splash‐proof

Compatible with sensor or sensorless motor

Cont. Current: 200A

Burst Current:240A

BEC: 5V/1.5A

Lipo: 3‐12S

Case size: 108mm(L)x75mm(W)x27mm(H)

Connector: None

Sensored or Sensorless operation

Great start‐up torque with sensorless motors

Soft‐switching to reduce the losses in power electronic switches

Separation of low power electronics from the high power

electronics, make it more reliable.

Application: Electric skateboard, Esk8, longboard, mountainboard, offroad skateboard, ROV/ROVEEE/remote operated vehicle, underwater robot, Underwater Robotics/underwater remotely operated vehicles, subsea robots,cablecam, broadcast, IBC2019, Ultra drones,security monitoring robots,robots for security and
safety monitoring in harsh terrain, agile robots, autonomous agile robots, security robots,autonomously monitor security, combat robots, fighting robots, electric surfboard, efoil etc.,

Benjamin Vedder ESC High Power  Dust-proof and Splash-proof VESC for Electric Skateboard Lonboards

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